Top 10 Interior Design Style Trends in Tucson

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Interior design is among the most important elements of your luxury home. While the exterior of the home will be the first impression to anyone who visits, the quality of the interiors can create a world of difference in how your home is perceived. Interior design can be beneficial for you as a homeowner for numerous reasons, the primary of which is that a beautiful interior design provides high aesthetic appeal for guests and any potential buyers if you decide to sell the home in the future.

Altering the interior design will also allow you to make sure that the design suits your lifestyle and preferences. Improving the interior design of your home can significantly increase the value of your home without requiring you to spend too much money. If you’re looking to enhance the interior design of your home, Lori Carroll & Associates is one of the best Tucson interior design companies around. They will be able to provide you with interior design that can match the luxury of the rest of your home.

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When you’re searching for the design style that matches with your home, you’ll find that there are many different styles of interior design that you can select from, which include everything from rustic and traditional to minimalist and contemporary. The following offers a closer look at 10 of the top interior design style trends in Tucson. Once you’ve found the style that best matches your luxury home, you can hire a reputable interior design company to renovate your home.

  1. Traditional
  2. Contemporary
  3. Rustic
  4. Southwestern
  5. Mid-Century Modern
  6. Hacienda-style
  7. Minimalist
  8. Industrial
  9. Scandinavian
  10. Eclectic

1. Traditional

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Traditional interior design is a style that actually encompasses many different styles. For instance, 18th-century European decor would be considered traditional interior design. This type of interior design is usually noted for its comfort and elegance, which makes it very appealing and inviting to guests. If you plan to entertain on a regular basis, traditional design would be a good style to select for your interiors. Because this design is familiar to many people, it can appeal to people of all personalities and ages. If you decide to use traditional interior design for your home, you can be experimental with the colors. However, do your best to stay away from using too many blacks and whites. Instead, opt for beige hues, light brown colors, and some splashes of green, red, and bright yellow.

When you’re selecting furniture to match this style, you want to focus on choosing furnishings that have a set ornamentation or period style. Avoid modern pieces that have no flourishes to them. Some of the textiles that you can use with this style include upholstery with sharp lines, geometric shapes, and even floral patterns. Pair these textiles with natural materials of wood and stone. If you’re wondering what a traditional interior design can look like, the rooms can be as lavish as you want them to be. Don’t hesitate to make decorative statements with beautiful pieces of decor. Once an interior has been made in this design, it will immediately appear lived in yet stylish at the same time.

2. Contemporary

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If you want to use the contemporary interior design style, you should focus mainly on following the latest design trends. This style has a classic look to it while also taking a minimalist approach to decor and furnishings. When implemented correctly, this style is peaceful and calming, which is why simplicity and straight lines are essential. A home that’s designed in this style will have classic wood floors or simple carpets with geometric patterns.

The lighting that you use should showcase the architectural features of your home. Some of the materials that you can use throughout the interior include stone, clear glass, and metal. Consider adding pipes or moldings for some added flavor to the layout. The main colors that you should use with this style include black, white, and neutral grays with some pops of brighter colors along the trim or ceiling. With this interior design, you should have less furnishings. Each piece of furniture should be a conversation starter.

3. Rustic

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The rustic style takes a significant amount of inspiration from the outdoors, which means that you’ll want to focus primarily on using such materials as leather, stone, and raw wood. While this style is inspired by the outdoors, it has a sophistication to it that makes it perfect for luxury homes. While you want to use natural finishes and materials, the shapes of your furniture can be more distinct. Make sure that you use neutral tones and light brown wood throughout, which should be paired with white or light gray walls.

You can add some colors to the upholstered furnishings for some more variety in the color palette. Deep jewel tones of blue, red, and green can work wonders when used sparingly. With this interior design style, your home should appear completely natural, which means that flaws should be embraced. You’ll want to avoid straight lines and make sure that every item in the home has a purpose to it. Your living room could be outfitted with blankets, rugs, art pieces on the wall, and numerous accessories. However, make sure that you avoid unnecessary clutter.

4. Southwestern

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The southwestern interior design style is notable for being very pleasing to the eye. When used in interior design, this style has American and Spanish elements to it. Since the main goal of the southwestern style is to be warm and inviting, you should use an ample amount of wood and metal materials throughout, the latter of which should be integrated primarily as embellishments for furnishings and cupboards.

The colors that are used with this style have an earthy tone to them. However, they are also bold and bright. Orange, Yellow, blue, green, and turquoise are commonly used with this interior design style. Wood flooring is common through the use of such woods and maple, pine, or oak. Walls usually have personal touches to them with the inclusion of large murals and paintings. If you want to add personality and warmth to the interiors of your home, the southwestern style might be ideal.

5. Mid-century Modern

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This is a highly popular design style that takes some of the best elements from the 50’s and 60’s, which makes for a retro yet clean look to the interiors. Functionality is the name of the game with this style. You’ll want to use simple fabrications and organic shapes that are inviting but don’t necessarily stand out. This design style has an earthy quality to it with splashes of the Scandinavian style that emphasizes simplicity. While your home will be simplistic in design, it’s much less restrictive when compared to the minimalist style.

Wood panels and exposed beams are very common with this style. Art pieces are also essential when using this style, which means that you can hang some abstract art pieces in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. While some of your furnishings can have bright green and yellow hues to them, focus on natural woods and earthy tones. The furniture that’s typically used with this style is formal and practical with low seating and matte finishes. Your home will have a casual and relaxing feel to it when you use the mid-century modern design.

6. Hacienda-Style

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Also known as the Spanish Revival style, this type of interior design is very versatile since it can use elements of both traditional and contemporary design. The main difference with hacienda-style interior design is the heavy use of tile and iron as the main materials. Pottery is also very common for decor. The ideal interior attributes of this style include wrought-iron elements, arches, and exposed beams.

This interior design style also emphasizes earthy colors of light brown, dark brown, beige, dark green, and blue. Wood and stone floors are common with the hacienda-style. Make sure that each room of the home is adorned with a piece of art, mirror, or similar types of decor. With your living room, consider white walls, wood accents, and patterned pillows for more color. Your furnishings should be somewhat rustic with a natural feel to them.

7. Minimalist

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This is a very modern style that focuses almost entirely on black and white hues for clean and simple elegance. When using this design style, your main focus should be on refinement. If a piece of furniture doesn’t belong and isn’t needed, discard it. Rooms should be sparse with only the most basic furnishings.

This is the perfect style for smaller rooms if you want your home to appear larger. Make sure that you use wood and metal as your primary materials throughout the design. A significant amount of your interior design investments should go into sleek storage pieces. While white and black are the main colors with this style, cream and gray hues are also welcomed.

8. Industrial

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This is a very clean style that has some minimalist tendencies to it. Your main goal when designing the interiors of your home with this style should be to focus on unfinished metals, raw woods, sleek furnishings, and dark colors of brown, black, and gray. These choices will provide your home with a steampunk vibe and sleek appearance.

Your furnishings and decor can consist of any recycled or reclaimed materials that you’ve found, which makes this a very Eco-friendly style. The only other accessories that you should have include metal structures and abstract art for the walls. This style works best with an open plan design.

9. Scandinavian

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This is a beautiful style that aims to be simple and functional. The pieces of furniture and decor that are used with this style usually have organic shapes to them. The colors that you use should primarily be centered around white and gray, which makes for a very wintry look. The dashes of color can be added with a throw rug in your living room or some art in the bedrooms. Wood and metal finishes are ideal when working with this interior design. Consider adding brass pendants to a room for some natural lighting fixtures. This design style should be free from clutter. You’ll also want to use some light-colored flooring.

10. Eclectic

This is a wonderful interior design style that’s known for using bold and striking color palettes, intricate patterns, and beautiful textures. However, consistency is important when using this style to ensure that eclectic doesn’t simply appear haphazard. As long as every room is consistent, an eclectic style calls for the use of contrasting colors and disparate styles. You can use earthy hues for your furnishings and bright green or yellow colors for your walls. Make sure that you use the same color palette throughout every room. While the decor and furnishings can be exciting and vibrant, it’s recommended that the walls use simple paints instead of vibrant and elaborate wallpapers.

The eclectic aspect of this design comes out in the furniture. For instance, you could pair a luxurious and ornate sofa with an industrial coffee table. Using different patterns for your pillows is also a great way to add some flavor to the interiors. As for materials, the eclectic design approach means that you can use any material you want. While an eclectic design is fun to implement and will allow you to add some personality to your interiors, it’s important that you don’t let the design get too messy. Each room should still flow to the other without issue.

Choosing the Best Interior Design Style for Your Luxury Home

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With a wide range of fantastic interior design styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find a style that matches perfectly with your preferences. If you want your interior design to be bold and memorable, the eclectic and mid-century modern styles might be best for you. If you’d rather the interiors of your home appear to be sleek and stylish, the minimalist and Scandinavian design styles are likely your ideal options. Enhancing the interior design of your home is highly important for your living experience. With the right design, your living space will become more comfortable, more functional, and more beautiful.

When you’re searching for interior designers, consider contacting Lori Carroll & Associates for all of your interior design needs. You can also check Houzz to find the top-rated interior designers near you. If you’re still searching for a home or want to spruce up the interior of your property before you place it on the market, call our real estate professionals today to begin the home buying or selling process!