The 11 Top Interior Designers in Tucson

Tucson is a booming city with a growing luxury community that has proven to be highly popular among new homeowners. The large variety of things to see and do in Tucson means that homeowners will always find something new and interesting to partake in while living in the city.

While the average home prices in this city are lower than you might expect compared to other large cities throughout Arizona and the rest of the country, the last decade has seen the development of numerous luxury homes. Tucson offers a variety of beautiful luxury homes throughout the city for you to consider, many of which have been custom built to match a previous owner’s specifications.

These homes range from spacious ranch-style properties to expansive estates homes. Whether you’re building a home, staging your home for a sale, or would simply like to invest in your home by updating the look and feel of your interior, a local professional interior designer can help you design the home interior of your dreams.

Below is a detailed list of the top rated interior designers in Tucson!

1. Lori Carroll & Associates

Lori Carroll & Associates is a popular interior design team in Tucson that has received numerous awards over the years for the amazing designs that they deliver. The team that’s headed by Lori Carroll is comprised of experienced interior designers, design specialists, project managers, and other personnel. Lori Carroll herself has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, during which she has helped complete an array of different projects.

When her team works on a project, they handle every facet of the design, which extends from the initial concept to the completion of the final project. They will also oversee the construction and installation phases of the project to make sure every facet of the project meets the client’s specifications. Their work primarily centers around interior remodeling and renovation, which can be implemented in any room of the home.

Some of the custom product design services that are provided by Lori Carroll & Associates include fireplaces, entertainment centers, and light fixtures. All of their interior design services can be re-tooled to fit within a green design approach wherein every element of the final design is sustainable.

Kitchen Remodel

2. Aesthetics Interiors Inc.

Aesthetics Interiors Inc is an award-winning interior design company that’s considered to be among the best in Tucson. They have provided their interior design services to all of Tucson and the surrounding areas for nearly two decades, during which they’ve completed a large number of projects that extend from home office designs to the remodeling of an entire home. They want all of their designs to be personalized to meet the requirements of the homeowner, which they believe ensures customer satisfaction. They take a creative approach to their interior design projects while also taking modern trends into account.

Aesthetics Interiors Inc. is known for their bathroom and kitchen remodels that can convert plain and boring interiors into stylish and luxurious interiors. The jobs and projects that they have worked on in the past extend from $5,000-$800,000 in price, which means that they can work on any project no matter the size. Some of the other services provided by Aesthetics Interiors Inc. include new construction, custom shelving, home theater design, and space planning.

3. Liz Ryan Design

Liz Ryan Design is an interior design firm that has 20 years of experience in working on all kinds of interior design projects, which include ethnic, contemporary, eclectic, and traditional projects. The staff at Liz Ryan Design oversees every aspect of the project to ensure that the final result is one that matches your desires.

Their main goal when providing a customer with a remodel or any kind of interior design project is to make sure that the final design is distinctive. Many of the projects completed by this design team use a substantial amount of wood and stone to provide the home with a more natural yet upscale appearance. Their design services extend to kitchen design and remodeling, sustainable design, and custom entertainment centers.

Living room remodel with professional interior designer

4. Baker + Hesseldenz Design, Inc.

Baker + Hesseldenz Design, Inc. is a highly reputable design firm in Tucson that has been around since 2006. During that time, they have worked on an array of projects that include bathroom and kitchen remodels as well as the customization of everything from bookcases and fireplaces to pantries and home bars. They are known for providing stylish and elegant designs that have a contemporary look and feel to them.

The Baker + Hesseldenz design team aims to make appropriate use of space by taking a simplistic approach to the design. Their main areas of expertise include graphic design, luxury lifestyle and marketing, furniture, textile, and fashion design, and artistic direction. Most of their projects have a European flair to them. Their design team primarily works on high end projects. For instance, the average cost of a kitchen remodel is right around $60,000 due to the high quality materials they use with each and every project.

5. Interior Expressions Design Showroom

Interior Expressions Design Showroom is an interior designer in Oro Valley that specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. However, they strive to be a one-stop solution for all of the customer’s interior design needs, which means that they can work on any room in the home.

Their standard job costs range from around $10,000-$150,000 with kitchen renovations typically starting at $30,000. This interior design team has been in business for more than 15 years and can work on anything from home extensions and home additions to living room design and furniture selection.

Before they start work on any project, they focus on learning about what kind of style the customer is looking for in an interior design, which they then use to shape all of the design services they provide.

Modern Kitchen remodel


ROCHELLE RUBIN DESIGN RESOURCE is an interior design studio that has provided design services for more than 40 years. They pay strict attention to every element of the project, which includes everything from the initial project planning to the final stages of construction and installation.

While this studio offers a suite of interior design services, Rochelle Rubin and her design team mainly focus on transforming older homes with basic designs into contemporary homes with open floor plans and luxurious amenities. Their primary services include residential remodeling and residential construction. The design team uses the relationships that they’ve built over the years with contractors and subcontractors to provide customers with reasonable prices for all phases of a project.

7. Linda Robinson Design Associates

Linda Robinson Design Associates is an interior design firm that’s headed by Linda Robinson and her team of designers. Their designs usually have an elegant yet casual look to them that takes elements from the southwestern architectural style. They can provide remodeling and interior design for every room of the home, which includes any bedrooms, walk-in closets, or home theaters.

The interior design approach taken by Linda Robinson and her team is unique in that it uses a substantial amount of antique furniture and flooring as well as aged materials to provide a home with a natural look. Their services are available to Tucson, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas.

Modern living room staged for a sale

8. Mallett Design Works

Mallett Design Works is a full-service interior design company that mainly focuses on providing interior design services for bathrooms and kitchens. While the scope of the projects that they work on depends on the needs of the client, standard kitchen and bathroom remodels range from $5,000-$15,000 in cost.

Their main goal when working on any interior design project is to communicate regularly with the client to make sure that the final design reflects the client’s tastes. The design team at Mallett Design Works has created many bathrooms and kitchens over the years, all of which incorporate modern design approaches that make good use of space.

9. Within Studio LLC.

Within Studio LLC is an interior design team in Tucson that focuses on creating interior designs that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Along with their standard interior design services, the team at Within Studio LLC also provides customers with such services as furniture specification and purchasing, interior decoration, drafting, space planning, and color consulting.

Within Studio’s design approach is a fun and interactive one that aims to use bold colors and modern design techniques. Within Studio LLC. is known among their customers for their reliability, which is displayed by the fact that they always stick to the client’s budget while making sure to provide them with a final design that matches their vision. Their interior design services include single-room remodels as well as whole-house updates.

Kitchen remodel with modern appliances and cupboards

10. Finesse Design Studio, LLC.

Finesse Design Studio, LLC. is a design firm in Tucson that has more than 35 years of experience in Tucson. They specialize in providing designs that are open, warm, and welcoming, which is why most of their interior design projects implement natural lighting and warm colors. The design team at this firm works with their customers from the creation of the initial blueprints to the furnished completion of the project. Although the main specialties that they offer include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, their interior design services can be used for the creation of single pieces of furniture or the remodeling of an entire home. No matter what kind of project they work on, they make sure that the design is energy efficient and sustainable.

Along with sticking to the client’s budget, Finesse Design Studio also makes sure that their work remains on or ahead of schedule at all times, which they accomplish by creating a meticulous plan before any work begins.

11. Frank Schepis – Ethan Allen Design Tucson, AZ

Frank Schepis – Ethan Allen Design Tucson, AZ is a design agency that has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Frank Schepis is known throughout Tucson for providing customers with the exact design that they’re looking for while also making helpful suggestions and always being professional while a project is ongoing. He can work on any project size and is able to turn the client’s initial vision into a functional design.

Throughout the project, Frank Schepis has extensive communication with the client through telephone calls, e-mails, in-store meetings, and house calls. He specializes in living room design and dining room design. Some of the additional interior design services that are available from Frank Schepis include entry design, color consulting, art selection, and home office design.

Reflective surfaces in kitchen

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