Lori Carroll & Associates Luxury Interior Design

In our experience of selling Tucson Luxury Homes, we have worked with Lori Carroll & Associates for over 15 years — during which we have built a strong relationship that continues to flourish and provide value to our clients to this day. As our partner in Tucson, they have been our go-to interior designer for the luxury homes in and around the city. Throughout the many years of working alongside Lori Carroll & Associates, we’ve found that they have a passion and talent for interior design that’s rare within the industry.

Homeowners need an interior designer for a myriad of reasons, the primary of which is because of the increase that it can provide to the value of your home. A professional interior designer will be able to spruce up the interiors of your home in a manner that will save you time and money. If you attempted to make these changes yourself, you would likely needlessly spend money on trying to find the right solutions and would spend a large amount of your own time on projects that could be handled quickly and efficiently by an interior designer.

When you’re looking to sell your home, interior design can be highly beneficial towards boosting the value of your property. When a prospective buyer walks into your home, good interior design can provide a “wow factor” that would otherwise be missing. Interior design can also improve your quality of life by making your home more organized and by creating an environment that’s relaxing and stress-free. If you’ve just recently moved into a luxury home in Tucson, interior design can be a great way to help you enjoy your new home by allowing you to create an interior that matches your preferences as a new homeowner.

Lori Carroll & Associates Tucson Luxury Interior Design

About Lori Carroll & Associates

Lori Carroll & Associates is a team of interior designers that focus primarily on luxury homes in the Tucson area. They have worked on a wide range of different types of projects that extend from rustic and traditional interiors to ultra-modern interiors with a minimalist flair. They will work on any project whether large or small. Lori Carroll takes inspiration from a number of different settings when designing the interiors of a home, which include the high deserts of California and Arizona as well as the distinct culture of the northern portion of Mexico.

A couple key aspects of the design process used at Lori Carroll & Associates are the utilization of open space and the ability to adhere to the desires of the customer. Their interior design team always makes sure that the space is open and inviting no matter the type of design that’s being implemented. They also work closely with the customer throughout the process to ensure that their needs and wishes are met at every turn.

Throughout their many years in business, the team at Lori Carroll & Associates has garnered a substantial number of awards including the NKBA and NAHB Design Awards that attest to the premium quality interior design work that they provide. In 2017 alone, they received several first place awards from the NKBA as well as a couple of platinum awards from the NAHB. Both the NHAB and NKBA are esteemed organizations that represent much of the interior design industry throughout the United States. Lori Carroll & Associates has received awards for their design work in practically every room of a home, which extends from the powder room and bathroom to the master suite and kitchen.

Lori Carroll & Associates Tucson Luxury Interior DesignTeam

Lori Carroll & Associates Interior Design Services

The interior design services offered at Lori Carroll & Associates are comprehensive and will provide for your every need. Even when working with outside contractors for some aspects of the design, Lori Carroll & Associates is involved in every facet of the process. They also strive to help their customers understand each phase of the project, which extends from the initial drawings of the design to the final construction and installation services. Their complete interior design services for residential properties extend to such rooms as the powder room, kitchen, outdoor living space and home office. They also offer these services for full remodels wherein the entire structure of a room is altered.

Along with their primary design services that can help you redesign your living room or kitchen, they also offer custom product design services that allow you to design every facet of light fixtures, front doors, or fireplaces. If you want your home to be more sustainable and energy efficient, the green design services they offer can be used to this effect. When you want to add some flair or style to the furnishings in your home, you might want to consider selecting their interior architectural detailing services. These services provide you with the means of obtaining 3D drawings of a room or custom millwork detailing. They can also purchase and supervise the installation of windows, cabinets, flooring, plumbing, and every additional feature of a home. The interior designers at Lori Carroll & Associates will be able to help you determine which interior design services are best for your home.

When you request one or more of the services offered at Lori Carroll & Associates, you’ll find that you can have the interiors of your home modeled in any type of style you can think of. Some of the styles that they’ve worked on in the past include French Country, Victorian, modern, contemporary, and American Craftsman. No matter which style you select, they strive to make sure that the interiors are high end and match the upscale appearance that you want in your luxury home. The design team will, however, make use of inspirations from the deserts of California and Arizona for some of their work.

A primary reason that Lori Carroll & Associates is considered to be among the best interior design companies throughout the Tucson area is because of the relationships that they’ve cultivated with a large number of partners beyond interior design. These partnerships allow the interior designer to offer a more complete suite of services that extend further than interior design. For instance, their partnerships with nearly a dozen reputable architects in Tucson allows them to offer interior architectural detailing services like space planning, tile design, and custom furniture.

They’ve also cultivated relationships with the same amount of residential builders that can assist with some of the services that go further than the standard work provided by interior design. These services include the creation of interior door hardware and plumbing as well as the installation of furnishing, lighting, tile, and countertops. The partnerships that they’ve built throughout the years allow them to handle every need that you have during the interior design project.

Interior Design project by Lori Carroll
A Tucson Luxury Interior Design project completed by Lori Carroll & Associates

Adding Value to the Home Buying and Selling Process

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, the partnership that we have with interior designers can add a substantial amount of value to your home. For sellers, these benefits are clear as we’ll be able to help you identify which areas of your home interior need to be spruced up or changed altogether before you place your home on the market in order to get the best price for your home. While the exterior of a home must be presented in the best possible manner for you to attract prospective buyers to look at the property, you won’t be able to sell your home at the price you want if the interiors don’t meet and exceed the expectations of buyers. The interior designers at Lori Carroll & Associates understand what it takes for the interiors of a home to match what a buyer expects from a Tucson luxury property.

While replacing your roof or getting a new HVAC unit will invariably increase the value of your home, the same is true of making changes with the design of your home. Professional interior designers are up-to-date on modern design trends and will know what a prospective buyer is looking for, which will allow you to make the right changes before you list your home. Our partnership with an interior designer means that we’ll be able to advise you about having an interior designer look at your home, which is oftentimes glossed over with real estate agents who don’t have these partnerships.

While the benefits provided to sellers are clear, you might not be aware of the many benefits that this partnership will bring to you as a homebuyer. Hiring an interior designer when you’re searching for a new home can be invaluable to the process in a variety of ways. When you’re still searching for the right luxury home, a professional interior design will help you identify what exactly you should be looking for in a home and if the list price accurately reflects the components of the interior design.

An interior designer can point out the benefits of an open floor plan and help you find the home that matches these specifications. A designer will also be able to provide you with recommendations on upgrades that you can make once you’ve moved into the home. Maybe you want the home to be more energy efficient or would like the interiors to have a more rustic appearance to them. An interior designer adds value to the buying process by helping you avoid the mistake of choosing a poorly designed home.

When you’re in the market for a Tucson Luxury Home or are thinking of selling your luxury property, contact us today and we’ll help get you started whether you need an interior designer or have questions to ask about the selling or buying process.