Interior Design Tips to Increase the Value of Your Tucson Luxury Home

Interior Design in Tucson

While the exterior of a luxury home is important to the overall value of the home, the interiors are the difference between a drab home and a luxurious one with comfortable furnishings. Interior design can substantially improve the value of your Tucson Luxury home during a home inspection or sale or even as an investment for sale at a later date — as long as you employ the right techniques and methods of interior design.

Bolstering the look of your interiors can also improve your overall quality of life as you will most definitely enjoy the comforts of a professionally designed home. Changes in the fabrics you use, the layout of the interior, and the color schemes you decorate your home with should make you happier and more satisfied your home’s appearance. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a Tucson luxury home or simply want to improve your home as an investment, below are a few design tips that will get you started!

Interior Design: Consider Natural Light

Utilize and Enhance Natural Lighting Throughout the Home

Utilizing natural light is a fantastic way to enhance the interiors of your home, which means that there need to be a number of areas where natural sunlight can enter into your home and brighten up the interiors. For instance, place your window treatments closer to your ceiling as opposed to right over the top of the window, which will allow your windows to appear larger and more regal. Many prospective homebuyers feel as though natural light makes a home feel more open and inviting, which is definitely something that you want when selling your luxury home.

Keep your blinds and curtains open at all times if you want to benefit as much as possible from natural light. You should avoid placing large pieces of furniture in front of your windows. Keeping a recliner or couch in front of a window will block out some of your natural light and will make the home feel much smaller. It’s not enough for the interiors of your home to be furnished with upscale furniture and amenities. You need to enhance your living space in a way that makes visitors feel welcomed.

There are no downsides to using ample amounts of natural light, which is why this is among the easiest interior design tips to utilize when trying to increase the value of your home. By implementing natural light in your home, your floor plan will immediately seem larger to prospective homebuyers, which only serves to increase the value of your home.

Granite Countertop

Use Quality Building and Design Material

The best interior designers will only use high quality building and design materials for the projects they sign up to complete. The same should be true for you whenever you’re making changes with the interiors of your home. Less expensive materials will invariably start to deteriorate quicker than quality building materials will, which means that you will need to replace these materials with new ones that erase the savings you feel that you’ve earned over the years.

You need to stay away from choosing quantity over quality. While cheaper materials might allow you to redo the entire bathroom and kitchen in one project, the value is automatically diminished when doing so. If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home, people who are searching for luxury properties in the future may decide to forego yours when they find that you’ve used laminate for your countertops as opposed to marble. Granite countertops also provide you with a variety of color options as well as a style that is very trendy in the current market.

Upgrading Kitchens & Bathrooms

Think About Upgrading Bathrooms & Kitchens

While interior design trends change with each passing month, one facet of interior design that has always and likely will always remain popular is upgrading bathrooms and kitchens. These are two areas of the home that have proven time and again to be the most important for prospective buyers when purchasing a home. If you upgrade your bathroom and kitchen with more upscale materials and better layouts, you’ll immediately increase the value of your home.

The trick is with making changes that match the aesthetic of your interiors while still being an upgrade over your current kitchen and bathroom. Modern design trends with kitchens lean towards larger meal planning areas and modern amenities. The countertops should be made of a quality material like granite or marble. You might also consider replacing the cabinets if they are starting to appear old and weathered.

Many homeowners enjoy open floor plans where the kitchen is the focal point, which is a design choice that you should consider. When considering remodeling your bathroom to provide it with an upgrade, the most important elements of a luxury bathroom include non-slippery flooring as well as a sleek and simple design. The bathroom should never appear to be cluttered. It’s possible for a bathroom to be designed in an excessive manner, which means that there are too many furnishings and too many disparate colors. Focus on neutral colors like white and black when upgrading your bathroom.

Modern design trends show that straight lines are essential with most homebuyers. Your cabinetry should be simplistic yet roomy. If you want to add any embellishments into the bathroom, the best areas to do so would be with the shower and flooring. You can change the flooring of your bathroom into any design that you like. Marble tiles provide numerous options in this regard. As for the shower, frameless and curved doors are considered to be the best options at your disposal. These are simplistic changes that can make a substantial difference in the value of your home.

Reconsider furniture Interior Design

Rethink Floorspace, Furniture, and Layout

Although this might appear to be a somewhat broad suggestion, the floorspace and layout of your home can make all the difference when it comes to appealing to prospective buyers. In recent years, the main thing to avoid when deciding how to design the layout of your home is to never clutter it. Furniture should be spaced properly wherein two large pieces of furniture are never too close together. As touched upon previously, you should always keep larger furniture away from your windows so that large amounts of natural light can be let in. The furniture in your home should typically come in a uniform design, which means that you should never place a garish green sofa beside a black recliner.

In modern interior design, it’s highly recommended that the layout of your home is geared towards an open floor plan, which means that the living room, kitchen, and dining room should all be situated in a shared space without any walls or barriers that cut off one room from another. This type of layout will make your home appear to be larger and will allow you to decorate the rest of the home in any way you see fit. Open floor plans don’t apply to bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices.

Rethinking the floorspace of your home will allow you to excise design choices that might have become outdated since the interior design was last changed, which can be invaluable towards helping you increase the value of your home. Once you rethink the layout of your home, you’ll also be able to remove any clutter from the current floor plan that could turn prospective buyers away.

Need Help? Hire a Tucson Luxury Home Interior Designer

Since there are a vast array of different home interior designers located in the city of Tucson, it can be difficult to find the one that meets your specific needs, which is what the following should help with. The following home interior designers have extensive experience in the design of luxury homes in and around Tucson. They have all built reputations as providing their customers with exemplary service no matter the design!

Lori Carroll & Associates is best known for her outstanding luxury residential spaces, Lori Carroll’s highly respected firm excels in all areas of high-end interior design. Large or small; residential, commercial or hospitality, Lori has been the face of originality and inspiration from the sundrenched high deserts of Arizona and California to culturally rich northern Mexico. A characteristic Lori Carroll design feels like home in any setting but remains unique among its surroundings.

Interior Trends Remodel & Design is an interior home design company that was started by Kathy Nieto and Kathy Lyle. They provide complete residential remodeling and design services that include bathroom and kitchen design, tile installation, wine cellar design, and custom countertops. They serve all of Tucson and the Catalina Foothills and can work on projects that range in cost from $10,000 to $4 million. Once they have created a design that’s approved by you, they only hire licensed builders who they know they can trust.

Aesthetics Interiors Inc is an interior design and decorating company that’s become one of the top designers within Tucson during their 18 years of business. They make sure to listen to all of their client’s needs and wishes before starting work on the project, which they believe allows them to create a final design that turns the client’s dreams into reality. They offer all of the design and building services that you might require during an interior design project, which extend from custom bookcases and fireplace mantels to home theater design and space planning.

Soloway Designs Inc is an architecture firm that strives to provide all of their customers with unique and dynamic design services. All of their services utilize a sustainable design approach, which means that the interiors will be energy efficient and will use materials that have only a minimal effect on the environment. Their interior design services are extensive and will be able to alter the look of any portion of your home that you want to have changed.

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