5 Best Home Painting Companies in Tuscon

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Have you recently moved into a new home in Tucson or are thinking about changing up your living style? If you want to paint your home in a different color, touch up those faded colors with a new coat, or enhance the interior design, Tucson is home to many fantastic exterior and interior painting companies that will provide for all of your home painting needs.

Because of how many stellar painting companies are situated in and around Tucson, you might find it difficult to choose the right company for your home. The following is a comprehensive guide to five of the best painting companies in Tucson when you’re ready to have your home painted.

Each of these companies has a strong reputation for delivering efficient and effective work no matter the size of the job. With these painting companies in mind, you can begin the decision-making process!

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1. Arizona Painting Company (4.0 ★ Rating)

Arizona Painting Company is among the best painting companies in Arizona because of the sheer breadth of services that they offer to homeowners. Over the years, they have received numerous endorsements that attest to the quality of their work, which include being a part of the Tucson A List and being certified by Rosie on the House.

They have painted more than 15,000 homes and make sure to have an on-site foreman on every job to ensure customer satisfaction. Before any work begins, they send out a home evaluator to determine if a paint job is even necessary. If you want to have your home painted, the Arizona Painting Company will automatically provide you with assistance from a color consultant who can help you determine which colors are right for your home exteriors or interiors.

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When you obtain their interior or exterior painting services, you’ll find that their team always uses proven paint products to ensure that the project is successful on the first attempt. Their interior painting services can be applied to any home size, which extends to homes that are 10,000 square feet or larger. They always prepare painted areas with caulking, sanding, and priming where necessary, which they believe allows for a lasting result. Along with standard walls, these paint services can be used for mantels, bookshelves, paneling, French doors, and ceilings.

Their exterior painting services can be used for all types of siding, brick, stone, concrete, and stucco. Even wrought iron fences can be tended to. Some of the extra house painting services that they offer include pressure washing and wood staining and finishing.

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While all of the work that they provide comes with a three-year warranty, additional warranties can be selected that guarantee their work for either five or 10 years. When you want to select one or more of their painting services, you will need to request a painting quote to understand more about their rates.

However, they are currently offering a fall special that allows you to save 15 percent on a residential painting project. If the Arizona Painting Company sounds like the best option to you, their offices are located at 1870 W. Prince Rd, Suite #31 in Tucson. They have two additional locations in Glendale, AZ and Chandler, AZ, which allows them to provide service to a large portion of Arizona.

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2. Wildcat Painting Company (4.0 ★ Rating)

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Wildcat Painting Company is a professional and reputable business in Tucson that has painted more than 1,600 homes. They have a perfect rating on the Better Business Bureau, which means that you can obtain their services without worrying that they will rip you off. Along with the standard interior and exterior painting services that they provide, they also offer some extra services that might be of use to you during the painting process, which include free color consultations and the handling of HOA paperwork if necessary.

The primary paints that they use for their exterior and interior painting projects include Behr Marquee and Dunn Edwards Evershield, which they believe hold up best in harsher climates. While you’ll need to request a quote to determine what their rates are, one fantastic aspect of their company is that they will price match any competitor bid as long as the service is the same.

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Their exterior painting services can be applied to all project sizes, which means that even larger estate homes can be painted. Their standard painting process includes nine steps, the most important of which involves spraying two full coats of paint for a thick coating. These exterior painting services can be applied to composite, wood, and vinyl siding.

As for the interior painting services that you can select, they strive to provide homeowners with work that’s efficient yet beautiful. They also want to make sure that the transformation of the home interiors isn’t disruptive at all. During their 7-step process, they will apply tarps, plastic, paper, and tape to areas throughout the home in order to keep paint from touching any surface aside than the intended ones. When applying paint to kitchen or bathroom cabinets, they will first sand the cabinets before applying TSP for the removal of oils. When you’re thinking about selecting their services, Wildcat Painting Company is located at 1 S Church Ave. suit 1200 in Tucson.

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3. Stetson Painting Company (4.0 ★ Rating)

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Stetson Painting Company is considered to be among the leading painting companies in Arizona. They have obtained a perfect rating from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and have an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, which means that they’re a company you can trust. All of the employees that they hire have received extensive training and provide excellent customer service. The work they provide is automatically backed up by a three-year warranty with an option for six years of protection. The main painting services that they offer include residential interior and exterior painting services. Keep in mind that each painting service can accommodate the Eco-friendly painting needs that you might have.

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When looking specifically at the exterior painting services that you can select, they employ a 14-step process that takes every detail into account. For instance, caulking is applied to all door frames, windows, and siding seams to ensure that water doesn’t enter into these gaps and warp the wood. The exterior painting services that they offer are comprehensive and include everything from brick and stone painting to staining and refinishing.

The six-step process that they use for their interior painting services is designed to keep every element of your home in perfect condition while the painting is ongoing, which ensures a clean project site. If you want to know the rates for their painting services, you’ll need to request an estimate. At times, they will offer online specials that will allow you to obtain a discount. The Stetson Painting Company can be found at 125 E Flores St. in Tucson.

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4. Martinez Custom Painting (5.0 ★ Rating)

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Martinez Custom Painting is a highly reputable painting company in Tucson that’s known for providing “green” painting services. All of the paints, practices, and products that they use are Eco-friendly, which ensures that they are able to account for the Eco-concerns and general sensibilities of each client. Their work is fully guaranteed, which means that they will provide fixes to any issues that you have with the final result without requiring you to pay extra.

Their primary painting services include exterior and interior painting for residential homes. However, they also operated as a certified renovator, which means that they can safely get rid of lead paint and provide your home with a non-toxic substitute. When you select their exterior painting services, you’ll be happy to know that they include power washing to make sure that the surfaces are 100 percent clean before applying paint. After they pressure wash the home, they will mask everything in the vicinity to effectively avoid any splashes or splatters around the home.

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Some of the additional painting services that you might want to look into for your home include roof coating, wallpaper removal, and garage floor coating. You can request a free estimate today by filling and sending in a form that’s located on the home page of their website. While they are known for having somewhat high prices, the customers who have obtained their painting services believe that the pricing is justified because of the high quality paint. When you want to schedule one of their services, the Martinez Custom Painting company can be found at 3503 E Hardy Dr. in Tucson.

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5. Pamblanco Painting (4.5 ★ Rating)

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Pamblanco Painting is a home and roof painter in Tucson that offers extensive painting services for the interior and exterior of a home. The primary goal of the exterior painting services that they provide is to make sure that the outside of the home is protected from corrosion, mold, water, and rust, which is why all of the paints they use for exterior projects are comprised of latex formulations. Some of the additional benefits afforded by the types of paint they use include a reduced smell and a quicker post-project cleanup process. The exterior painting services that they offer are available as a 10-step process that begins with power-washing the surfaces and ends with making sure that the customer is fully satisfied with the job.

As for the interior painting services that you can select from Pamblanco Painting, they work closely with each customer to make sure that the final paint scheme and design matches perfectly with their specifications. They will also repair drywall holes and cracks before painting on any interior surface, which isn’t an extra charge. Their painting company is wholly licensed and insured, which means that you can be confident about selecting their services. You should also know that they have a guarantee that they provide to all of their customers, which is based entirely on your satisfaction. This guarantee lasts for five years. If the paint degrades or worsens in this time period, they will correct the issue without any additional charge.

Before you select one of their services, make sure that you request the free estimate that they offer, which will allow you to obtain a better understanding of what the project will cost. The costs associated with these services can vary significantly depending on the size of the project. However, previous customers have found that the estimates from Pamblanco Painting are usually lower than the competition. Pamblanco Painting is located at 6610 S Empire Vista Dr. They have additional locations in Oro Valley, Vail, Maran, and Green Valley.

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Finding the Right Team for You

When you’re considering buying or selling a home in Tucson, likely the first and most critical things you need to focus on include purchasing furniture, decorating your home, and painting the interiors and exteriors. If you want your home to be a true representation of who you are, it’s recommended that you get the painting done sooner rather than later.

If you need assistance in finding the right Tucson luxury home, contact our team today and let us leverage our many years of local real estate experience as well as our expansive professional network to find the right home for you!