The 9 Best Pet Clinics in Tucson

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Do you want to make sure that your pet is fit, healthy, and well-groomed? If so, Tucson is home to many spectacular pet clinics that will keep your animals safe and healthy while you’re away. Many of these pet clinics offer an expansive suite of services that extend to health care services, grooming and other veterinarian services.

If you’re running errands or are set to go out of town for awhile, taking your pet to a clinic will provide you with confidence and peace of mind that your pet is well taken care of at all times. The following is a thorough guide that offers a closer look of nine of the top pet clinics found in and around Tucson, all of which have proven to be highly popular among Tucson residents.

1. University Pet Clinicuniversity pet clinic

The University Pet Clinic is a great veterinary clinic that’s located just nearby the University of Arizona. They offer an array of services that should prove useful for your pet, which include standard examinations, a variety of surgeries, x-rays, spay and neuter treatments, ultrasounds, preventive care, and vaccinations. When feeding animals, they use only premium and prescription pet foods. While urgent care is available for lacerations, bite wounds, and similar health issues, you will need to make an appointment when you want to visit this clinic with your pet. If you visit the Yelp page for this pet clinic, they have a special discount that you can claim, which will allow you to save 45 percent of the total costs for a dental cleaning package.

The dental cleaning package is comprehensive and includes such treatments as in-house blood testing, antibiotic injections, monitoring of vitals, free dental products, dental x-rays, and a free oral exam under anesthesia. You can also find some weekly specials on their website, which currently include such specials as $14 per vaccination, 10 percent off spays and neuters on Wednesday and Thursday, and a $50 rebate when you purchase certain treatments for dogs.

When you want to take your pet to the University Pet Clinic, you can find them at 1506 N Tucson Blvd. in Tucson. Their clinic is open from 7AM-8PM Monday through Friday and from 8AM-4PM on Saturday.

Learn more about University Pet Clinic at https://universitypetclinic.com/

2. Sabino Veterinary Care

sabino veterinary care

Sabino Veterinary Care is a veterinarian that focuses on providing pets with friendly and compassionate service. They work with pet owners to make sure that each pet that enters their care is provided with a nutrition plan, vaccination schedule, proactive diagnostics, and preventative medicines. Along with the many health care services that they provide, they also offer an extensive amount of wellness services.

These services are aimed at making sure your pet is in the best condition possible, which is something that can be determined by providing a full body exam. Any issue that’s identified during this exam is quickly treated. If your pet has recently begun to gain weight, consider scheduling nutritional counseling for them. Keep in mind that an after-hours ER clinic is available if ever your pet requires emergency services.

If Sabino Veterinary Care sounds like the ideal pet clinic for your pet, they are situated at 4910 N Sabino Canyon Rd. in Tucson and are open from 7:30AM-5PM Monday through Friday and from 8AM-12PM on Saturday.

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3. Pet Doctor

pet doctor

Pet Doctor is a full-service clinic that offers a range of services, which include spay, neuter, and dental services. They aim to provide animals with modern medicine at affordable prices. For instance, vaccinations cost only $12 apiece without the need for an exam or office fee. They are also one of the few walk-in clinics on this list, which means that you don’t need an appointment before taking your pet there.

Along with general pet clinic services like radiology, microchips, and physical exams, this clinic also offers nail trims that range from $12-$24 depending on the size of the pet. If ever you need to purchase some health care products and medicines for your pet, this clinic has an online pharmacy that could prove to be very helpful.

If you’re interested in visiting the Pet Doctor with your pet, they are situated at 6464 N Oracle Rd. in Tucson and are open from 8AM-12PM and from 2PM-5PM Monday through Friday.

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4. Northwest Pet Clinic

northwest pet clinic

Northwest Pet Clinic is an animal hospital in Tucson that provides pets with high-quality medicine and compassionate care. They have provided this care for more than 40 years and have garnered an excellent reputation in the surrounding community. Their services are extensive and will account for your pet’s every need. For instance, their rehabilitation services can effectively treat such conditions as athletic injuries, joint pain, arthritis, obesity, and weakness that’s caused by aging.

Their many different services are separated into wellness services, dentistry services, urgent care services, in-house diagnostics, surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation. The wellness services that they provide include the provision of routine vaccinations.

If you believe that the Northwest Pet Clinic is right for your pet, they are located at 252 W Ina Rd. in Tucson and are open from 8AM-8PM Monday through Friday and from 8AM-6PM on Saturday and Sunday.

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5. River Road Pet Clinic

river road pet clinic

River Road Pet Clinic is a reputable clinic in Tucson that is known for providing all kinds of pets with outstanding care. The services that they offer are among the most comprehensive on this list and will account for any need that your pet might have. For instance, if your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal condition, this clinic can take care of them and provide them with the best quality of life possible with hospice care.

If you’re about to go on vacation in the country or overseas and want to be able to take your pet with you, they are also licensed to provide domestic and international health certificates for pets. Some of the other services that you might be interested in include orthopedic surgery, acupuncture therapy, various diagnostic services, preventive care, nutrition plans, dentistry, and vaccinations.

If you need to visit this veterinarian for any reason, they can be found at 5655 E River Rd. Suite 171 in Tucson and are open from 8AM-6PM Monday through Friday and from 8AM-2PM on Saturday.

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6. ABC Pet Care Clinic

abc pet cl

ABC Pet Care Clinic is a full-service animal hospital and veterinary facility that primarily offers such services as wellness services, spay and neuter services, vaccines, and dental services, all of which they provide at affordable prices. Their modern in-house laboratory allows them to quickly and accurately diagnose any medical condition that your pet might be affected by. The vaccinations provided at the ABC Pet Care Clinic cost $15 apiece.

While they have three locations that you can visit in Tucson, their primary location at Craycroft Rd. is the only one that provides all services. If you want to take your pet to the ABC Pet Care Clinic, they are located at 1114 S Craycroft Rd. in Tucson and are open from 7AM-5PM Tuesday through Friday and from 7AM-3PM on Saturday.

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7. Desert Hills Pet Clinic

Desert Hills Pet Clinic is a veterinary practice in Tucson that’s family-owned and operated. While they are a relatively small clinic, they offer an array of services, which ensures that you won’t need to take your pet somewhere else. Keep in mind that drop-off service is available if you need to run errands while your pet is receiving treatment. The primary services that are available at the Desert Hills Pet Clinic include health care services like arthritis management, dentistry, senior care, orthopedic care, parasite control, and vaccinations.

Your pet should also receive a thorough physical exam on a regular basis to ensure that any illnesses are caught early on. Additional treatments like nutritional counseling, wellness programs, and behavioral counseling are also available.

If you need to take your pet to a clinic and believe that the Desert Hills Pet Clinic is right for you, they are located at 5016 N Oracle Rd. in Tucson and are open from 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday. You can also take your pet there on Saturday if you make an appointment.

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8. Encanto Pet Clinic

Encanto Pet Clinic is among the most popular veterinary clinics in Tucson. This pet clinic focuses on using natural approaches with conventional medicine to ensure that all pets in their care remain healthy. Their services are comprehensive and include non-invasive laser therapy, urgent care, veterinary surgery, teeth cleaning, and wellness care. They also offer some fantastic grooming services for dogs and cats that will allow you to keep your pet happy and healthy. Their grooming services are available as a full trim or a bath and brush. Some additional grooming services are available as well, which include flea and tick dips, medicated baths, de-shedding, and cat comb-outs.

Their facility is likely the best in Tucson, which is evident by the inclusion of such areas as a dog walking area, multiple dog kennels, cat and dog rooms, a break room, and a grooming area. Before you schedule a visit to the Encanto Pet Clinic, there are several deals from their website that you should be aware of. For instance, new clients receive $10 off an exam when visiting between Monday and Wednesday. Existing customers can receive a $15 credit whenever they refer a friend.

If you find that the Encanto Pet Clinic offers the services that your pet needs, they are located at 4340 E Broadway Blvd. in Tucson and are open from 8AM-6PM Monday through Friday and from 8AM-12PM on Saturday.

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9. Central Animal Hospital

central animal hospital

Central Animal Hospital is a fantastic pet clinic in Tucson that’s available for all kinds of animals, which include cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, ferrets, rabbits, and various types of exotic animals. They focus on providing these animals with a clean and healthy environment. This clinic is known for being the first veterinary hospital in the U.S. to earn the LEED Gold certification, which means that the building was created with sustainability in mind.

The services that they provide extend to dental care, veterinary surgery, diagnostic services, and wellness services. They use only state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all animals are well tended to.

If you want to take your pet to the Central Animal Hospital, they are located at 4020 E Speedway Blvd. in Tucson and are open from 8AM-6PM Monday through Friday.

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Finding the right Tucson Pet Clinic for You

No matter what kind of pet you have, you definitely want to take care of their needs as much and as often as you can! Each pet clinic on this list has the expertise necessary to provide your pet with exemplary care. Visit one of these locations to get the best pet care services in Tucson while you’re doing your daily gym workout or are going on a vacation.

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