7 BEST Chinese Food Hotspots in Tucson

Chinese Food

Tucson is a spectacular city that has long been a central hub for entertainment and shopping in Arizona. People from all over the state head to Tucson for all of their shopping, dining, and entertainment needs due to the sheer breadth of options available to residents and visitors alike. The beautiful weather and jaw-dropping mountain […]

SaddleBrooke Ranch: Tucson Luxury Retirement Community & Properties

SaddleBrooke Ranch Arizona

The SaddleBrooke Ranch community is a wonderful retirement community in Tucson that’s located within the Sonoran Desert just nearby the Santa Catalina Mountains. This beautiful location ensures that residents of the community are provided with scenic views of the nearby mountains as well as Tucson to the south. This luxury retirement community is among the […]

The 11 Best Rated 4th Ave. Restaurants in Tucson

Dining on 4th Ave. in Tucson

Tucson is a booming and highly popular real estate market that’s growing substantially with each passing year. The city is surrounded by mountains which makes it an ideal destination for homeowners who need to work in the city but love to spend time outdoors. The city is home to all types of homes that accommodate […]

The 15 Best Local Preschools in Tucson

Preschools in Tucson

Whether you’ve been a resident of the beautiful community of Tucson for many years or are thinking about taking your family to the city for the plethora of exciting outdoor activities, dining, shopping and things to do — there’s a good chance that you’re interested in the local schools that are available for your children […]

11 Top Dog trainers in Tucson

Dog Training

As residents of Tucson, we adore our pets — which is immediately evident by the vast array of pet-friendly hiking trails and outdoor activities that are found in and around the city. The mountains that surround much of Tucson make for wonderful spots to play with your dog and let them stretch their legs, while […]

The 9-Step Guide to the Home Selling Process

Couple buying a home

Selling a home can make for an arduous and confusing process if you’re unsure of what this process should look like and how it should progress. However, positioning your home for a sale can also be an exciting and invigorating journey if you take the rights steps and have the right support to help you […]

What is Escrow and How Does it Work?

Handshake closing escrow

Whether you’re selling or purchasing a home,¬†escrow is an important financial term that you’ll certainly come across in your home buying or selling journey. Escrow is a financial arrangement where an impartial third party agrees to hold a certain amount of funds until the transaction between the other two parties has been finalized. This financial […]

Rose Canyon Lake: Fishing, Camping, & More!

Rose Canyon Lake in Tucson

There may be times when you may want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to better enjoy the great outdoors. Luckily, if you ever find yourself in this situation, there are a myriad of relaxing outdoor activities in Tucson that you can partake in which include local attractions, hiking, horseback […]

15 Best Coffee & Tea Houses in Tucson

Coffee in Tucson

Tucson is filled with a wide variety of local restaurants and hotspots for entertainment and shopping — no matter what you’re looking for, Tucson has it all! From hip and trendy to classy and relaxing, there are many coffee bars and tea houses located throughout the city that appeal to any preference that you might […]

The 11 Best Happy Hour spots in Downtown Tucson

Tucson Happy Hour

Downtown Tucson is known as being a premier destination in Arizona for food, drinks, and all kinds of unique entertainment. When you spend time in Downtown Tucson, you’re sure to be presented with a large variety of local restaurants and foodie hotspots to enjoy. These hotspots include fine dining locations, lively gastropubs, and delicious local […]