7 BEST Chinese Food Hotspots in Tucson

Chinese Food

Tucson is a spectacular city that has long been a central hub for entertainment and shopping in Arizona. People from all over the state head to Tucson for all of their shopping, dining, and entertainment needs due to the sheer breadth of options available to residents and visitors alike.

The beautiful weather and jaw-dropping mountain scenery of Tucson is accompanied by a luxury lifestyle that caters to the upscale shopping and entertainment venues that are found throughout the city of Tucson. Whether you’re in need of the latest fashion or are searching for a nice trail to hike, Tucson offers something for everyone. The city is a melting pot that consists of influence from a range of cultures throughout the world, which is on clear display with the Tucson food scene.

When you’re in the city, you’ll notice that the food scene throughout Tucson is heavily influenced by the diversity of culture in the lively and energetic city, which ensures that you can sample and taste all manner of cuisines while spending time here. While there are many Chinese restaurants and cafes situated all throughout Tucson, the following offers an in-depth guide on seven of the best Chinese food hotspots in the city!


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7. Panda House

Panda House is a delicious Chinese restaurant in Tucson that’s known for providing large portions of all different kinds of Chinese cuisine dishes. This restaurant is located in a more modern and contemporary space, which gives it a lively and energetic atmosphere. If you eat at the bar, you’ll notice that there are two large television sets behind the bar that allow you to watch the current game. Because of how sizable their menu is, you may find it difficult to decide on which dish you’d like to try.

They offer a vast selection of seafood, beef, pork, and chicken dishes as well as numerous stir-fried vegetable, stir-fried rice, and noodle dishes. Consider starting your meal with some pork egg rolls, crab puffs, fried shrimp, or sesame balls. There are also a number of specialty dishes that are available as chef specialties, which include such dishes as pot beef fillet, pepper octopus, and Mao’s braised pork.

Learn more about Panda House here: https://www.pandahousetucson.com/


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6. China Szechwan

China Szechwan is a well-known Chinese restaurant among the locals in Tucson with a standard menu of Chinese cuisine and an atmosphere that’s quiet and relaxing, which makes it the perfect place to go after a long day at work. When you dine at this restaurant, you’ll notice that they offer two separate menus, which includes a traditional menu as well as a Sichuan menu. The Sichuan menu focuses on less common Chinese cuisine from the Sichuan region of China. Both of these menus are comprehensive and include dozens upon dozens of dishes that you can try. If you decide to sample from the Sichuan menu, the food items are divided into vegetarian, seafood, cold dishes, stylish dishes, and water-boiled flavor dishes, the last of which includes such menu items as water-boiled chicken and water-boiled yao hua.

As for their standard to-go menu, you’ll have more than 100 items to try, which includes favorites like the Mongolian chicken and the BBQ pork chow mein. There are also numerous chef specialties for you to order like the rainbow tofu and the eight treasure duck. If you visit during lunch, they offer a lunch combination menu, which allows you to combine foods like orange beef and cashew shrimp with steamed rice, two crab puffs, and two fried wontons.

Learn more about China Szechwan here: https://chinaszechwan.weebly.com/


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5. Jun Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

Jun Dynasty Chinese Restaurant is a contemporary Chinese restaurant with an elegant and refined atmosphere. The establishment is roomy, which means that you should be able to find seats without waiting for too long. Booths and tables are available for seating, while the walls are lined with beautiful Asian art pieces that help to set the mood. You could also eat outside on the expansive patio for some fresh air while you dine. The menu is comprised entirely of Chinese cuisine dishes, most of which are based off of the traditional Sichuan cuisine. Two of the favorite dishes among locals include the Yu Xiang pork and Mongolian beef dishes. The menu itself focuses on rich and spicy flavors among a wide range of dishes that include meat, fish, poultry, and vegetarian dishes.

The lunch specials at this restaurant are available every day until 3:00PM. These specials range in price from $7.25-$9.25 and include dozens of different food items. All of these specials come with a veggie egg roll as well as your choice of fried rice or steamed rice and hot and sour or egg drop soup. If you want to sample one of their more distinct dishes, consider trying a dish from their house special menu, which includes such favorites as salt and pepper ribs, firecracker pork, and crab in hot and spicy sauce. You might also want to think about pairing your meal with a wine or beer, of which they offer many different types for you to select from. A few of their beers are imported directly from China, which allows you to get a traditional Chinese meal in every respect.

Learn more about the Jun Dynasty Chinese Restaurant here: http://www.jundynasty.com/


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4. Golden House

Golden House is a classic Chinese restaurant in Tucson that’s notable for offering a range of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. The atmosphere in this restaurant is calm and peaceful, which makes it a great place for socializing with your friends or family. They have more than 100 items on the menu, which means that you’ll almost certainly be able to find something that suits your palate. One of the main specials that’s offered at this restaurant is a free order of egg rolls with a purchase of $20 or more. Free WiFi is also available if you want to browse the internet while you wait for your food.

While not all of the dishes at Golden House are healthy, many of them are made with little to no sugar, grease, and sodium, which allows you to remain healthy while eating out. If you’re thinking about visiting for lunch, keep in mind that they offer an array of specials at this time of the day that range in price from $7-$8. Their menu includes nearly every kind of dish that you would expect to find at a Chinese restaurant, which includes tofu dishes, noodles, fried rice, seafood dishes, pork dishes, chicken dishes, and soups. Many of these menu items come with vegetarian options, all of which are listed on the menu.

Learn more about Golden House here: https://www.goldenhousetucson.com/


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3. Noodleholics

Noodleholics is a Chinese restaurant in Tucson with a focus on Guilin noodles, which are renowned throughout all of China. During your visit, you’ll likely want to sample one of their more notable dishes, which include the Guilin, the dry Guilin, the Guilin spicy and sour, and the Sichuan spicy beef. The portions at this restaurant are considered by most visitors to be substantial, which means that you’ll easily get your money’s worth. The atmosphere is casual and laid back, which makes for a relaxing and uneventful meal.

Although not quite as large as the menus of most Chinese restaurants in Tucson, the Noodleholics menu includes all of the dishes that you would expect from a traditional Chinese restaurant that’s centered around noodles. Their menu is divided into small plates, rice plates, and noodles, the latter of which includes 11 separate dishes like sizzling garlic noodles and beef brisket noodles. Consider pairing your noodles or rice plate with a small plate of veggie egg rolls, pan-fried dumplings, or boneless crispy duck.

Learn more about Noodleholics here: https://www.noodleholics.com/

2. 4 Seasons (Asian Fusion)

The 4 Seasons restaurant is a fusion restaurant that’s distinct in that it offers dishes of Thai, Chinese, and American cuisine. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which allows you to visit whenever your schedule permits. This restaurant is situated in an eclectic space with a lively and sociable atmosphere. If you’d rather take in the surrounding Tucson scenery while you eat, a spacious patio is available for dining. While they are primarily known for their lunch and dinner options, their breakfast menu includes a large banana pecan and apple pancake, which has proven to be a local favorite.

When you visit this restaurant, you can choose to mix and match dishes from the three available cuisines or can decide to stick to a single cuisine during your meal. The Thai menu comes with numerous appetizers, soups, noodles, and stir-fried dishes. They also offer many different Thai curries for you to try, which include the red curry and panang curry. As for their Chinese menu, you’ll notice that there are a number of fried rice dishes as well as soups and appetizers. However, the main attractions on this menu are the dishes that they make in the wok, which include the orange chicken, sesame chicken, and fresh broccoli dishes.

Learn more about 4 Seasons here: https://www.4seasonsaz.com/


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1. Asian Spice

Asian Spice is a Chinese restaurant in Tucson that aims to offer healthy interpretations of classic Chinese dishes in a setting that has a casual and relaxing atmosphere to it. While the food is authentic Chinese cuisine, the restaurant is set up like a classic cafe that comes with comfortable booth seating and a welcoming environment. They are open for lunch and dinner with a menu that’s extensive. For instance, their appetizers include such favorites as wonton chips, chicken lettuce wraps, pot stickers, and various egg rolls. They also offer many different types of chop suey, fried rice, and lo mein, the latter of which includes the house special lo mein, which is a local favorite.

Some of the more popular dishes are chef specials, which are more than a dozen dishes that offer an ample amount of variety. You could try the Mongolian combo of beef, chicken, and shrimp along with the teriyaki chicken dish. They have many additional specials that you can take advantage of when visiting for lunch or dinner, which include a free order of crab puffs with any purchase of $30 or more. Consider pairing your meal with one of their specialty drinks like a Thai iced tea. a cranberry and ginger iced tea, or a Vietnamese iced coffee.

Learn more about Asian Spice here: http://www.asianspiceaz.com/


Tucson is home to a variety of tastes, cultures, and exciting activities to partake in. If you’re exploring the city and would like to learn more about the spectacular luxury homes in this area, be sure to get in touch with our team of local Tucson real estate professionals at Grogan & Grogan!