Visit the La Encantada Mall: Luxury Outdoor Shopping and Premier Restaurants in Tucson!

Shopping at the La Encantada Mall

Tucson has always been a popular city in Arizona but has seen considerable growth over the past decade. Visitors travel from all over the U.S. to visit the city of Tucson and one of the city’s popular attractions being — the La Encantada Mall. While there are a myriad of fantastic destinations to visit in and around Tucson, the La Encantada Mall is a favorite for tourists and locals alike who are searching for a luxury Tucson shopping experience.

When you visit this shopping mall, you’ll be greeted by more than 50 shops and restaurants that can provide you with practically anything you’re searching for. The eateries inside offer delicious food and exciting dining experiences that cover a variety of delectable cuisines. As a whole, the La Encantada Mall is a hub in Tucson for shopping and good food that you’ll definitely want to visit!

Luxury Shopping at Its Best

When you want to experience luxury shopping at its best, the La Encantada Mall is the place to be. The types of stores that can be found at this shopping center vary substantially and include everything from Ann Taylor and the Apple Store to Pottery Barn. The types of shops that this outdoor mall comes with include clothing stores, electronics stores, exercise studios, jewelers, shoe stores, and home goods stores. These shops are situated along two separate levels, which means that everything is well spaced out and gives you the opportunity to browse without feeling crowded.

Many upscale luxury stores at the La Encantada Mall were previously unavailable outside of Phoenix until they arrived at this shopping center over the past decade, which include destinations like Brooks Brothers, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, and Sigrid Olsen. If you’re searching for stylish clothing, home furnishings, shoes, and furniture in one location, consider visiting Anthropologie for some trendy items. Some additional luxury fashion providers that are situated within the La Encantada Mall include Kate Spade New York, J. Crew, Lululemon Athletica, and Michael Kors.

People who have shopped at the La Encantada Mall enjoy the setting of the mall with pristine mountains as a backdrop and an outdoor layout that allows them to breathe in the fresh air as they walk from store to store. Locals also love the high end nature of the shopping center that can’t really be found in any other destination around Tucson. Nearly every shop and restaurant in the place offers an upscale experience for you to enjoy with family and friends. Visitors and locals alike also find that the destination is great for socializing because of the inclusion of a central lounge area outside that includes bench seating and table seating with umbrellas among beautiful trees.

La Encantada Mall Interactive Map

To get a better idea of what to expect when you visit the La Encantada Mall, you’ll want to take a look at this 3D interactive map, which provides you with easy-to-understand store locations and details.

Premier Restaurants and Dining

Nearly as popular as the shopping scene at the La Encantada Mall are the premier restaurants and dining options that are available to visitors. There are ten distinct restaurants and cafes within the mall, each of which offers a unique cuisine that you can sample. If you’re in the mood for some classic American cuisine and a steakhouse atmosphere, you might want to stop by the Firebirds Wood Fired grill, which focuses on grilled dishes that include herb roasted prime rib, hand-cut steaks, rotisserie chicken, burgers, and pasta. When you want a lively atmosphere where you can socialize with your friends and drink delicious cocktails, spirits, and wines, Blanco Tacos & Tequila, Humble Pie, and The Living Room are three restaurants and bars that should provide you with what you’re looking for.

There are also a couple of restaurants that focus on international cuisines such as Japanese and Italian, the former of which is available at the Ra Sushi Bar Restaurant with the latter being represented by the popular North Italia eatery. While the La Encantada Mall primarily aims to provide visitors with fine dining, there are also several smaller cafes and chocolate shops that are perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or a small breakfast. The Frost A Gelato Shoppe offers a wide variety of different sorbet and gelato flavors for you to sample, all of which are made fresh every day. The Savaya Coffee Market provides coffee that’s brewed from beans that are imported from more than 60 different organic farms around the world. You could also visit See’s Candies for some premium candies and boxed chocolates, of which they offer over 100 varieties.

Locals and visitors who dine at these restaurants find them to be among the best reasons to visit the La Encantada Mall. Customers love that the restaurants offer a wide range of different cuisines to try as well as unique atmospheres to enjoy. Some restaurants are great for socializing while others make for the perfect date night destination.

Most of the restaurants at the La Encantada Mall offer outdoor seating where visitors can breathe in the fresh air while looking at scenic views of the surrounding city. When you’re planning a trip to the La Encantada Mall and want to determine which restaurants you’re going to visit beforehand, take a look at this dining directory for more information about the various dining hotspots that can be found within the shopping center.

Events at the La Encantada Mall

While the shops and restaurants at the La Encantada Mall provide visitors with the main reasons for visiting, the events that are hosted at this shopping center cause it to stand out when compared to similar malls throughout Arizona and beyond. Since the mall is situated in a scenic and picturesque location, it’s a fantastic location for holding all kinds of different events throughout the year, which extend from holiday events to music shows and fine arts festivals!

When you’re interested in attending one of the events that are held there, all you have to do is reference this event schedule to keep up-to-date about the latest happenings at the La Encantada Mall.

The types of events that you can attend at the La Encantada Mall vary greatly and are oftentimes seasonal to match with the specific time of year that they’re being held in. In January alone, several different events are set to occur throughout the month. For instance, the La Encantada Fine Arts Festival is looking to provide visitors with a glimpse at the many pieces of art on display by local artists. The displays can range from locally-designed fashion to pristine metalwork. If you enjoy animals and love to watch dog shows, the Cover Dog Search & Pet Expo is set to take place in early February. This dog show will provide an award the most adorable dog, after which the winner will have their photo on the cover of the May issue of the Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. Make sure to check the event calendar on a regular basis for new additions.

Likely the most popular event that’s hosted at the La Encantada Mall is Enchanted Snowfall, which has been an annual event at the mall for several years. This holiday event takes place every year around one week before Christmas for a couple of evenings. The Tucson Lifestyle Courtyard at the center of the mall is bedecked with beautiful lights and decorations that provide a festive experience. While you’re there, sprinkles of snow will fall to the ground and you’ll be given some hot chocolate to enjoy. Local musicians are also on hand to deliver their renditions of traditional holiday favorites. The best aspect of this event is that it’s completely free of admission, which allows you to get the most out of the holidays without needing to dip heavily into the bank.

If you want to stay in touch with the latest event announcements and plans at the La Encantada Mall, consider signing up for their newsletter. You’ll be provided with regular e-mails that detail any new sales and specials that are being held at the restaurants and shops throughout the mall as well as event updates that you might be interested in. People who have attended events at the La Encantada Mall in the past say that it’s the perfect destination for any event because of how well maintained the outside grounds are. Whether the event is being held within the Lifestyle Courtyard or is set to take place in one of the many shops and restaurants, ample space is always available no matter how many visitors attend.

Visitors also find that the prices for events at the mall are always reasonable and can sometimes be free, which makes it even easier to attend numerous events throughout the year.

Visit the La Encantada Mall

When you’re thinking about visiting the La Encantada Mall, it’s located at 2905 E. Skyline Dr. in Tucson. When driving there, you’ll find that it’s situated just Southwest of Mt. Kimball and to the east of Casas Adobes. If you’re traveling there from deeper in the Catalina Foothills, the main road you’ll travel on is the E. Sunrise Rd., which eventually turns into E. Skyline Dr. around a mile or so before arriving at La Encantada.

When traveling to the destination from the west, E. Ina Rd. will become E. Skyline Dr. right before you arrive at the shopping center on your left. If you live in Tucson, there’s a good chance that your home is located to the south of the mall. If so, travel down N. Campbell Ave. until you reach a dead end, which is when you’ll turn left onto E. Skyline Dr.

In the event that you’re traveling to the La Encantada Mall from out of town, there are many premium hotels in Tucson that are located just nearby the shopping center, which includes such options as the Marriott University Park, Loews Ventana Canyon, Embassy Suites in Paloma Village, and the Omni Tucson National Resort, all of which are located within minutes from the La Encantada Mall.

If you’re in the midst of planning a visit to the mall but have some questions, the shopping center can be reached at (520) 299-3566. They are open from 10:00AM-7:00PM Monday through Wednesday, 10:00AM-8:00PM Thursday through Saturday, and 11:00AM-6:00PM on Sunday.

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