11 Top Dog trainers in Tucson

Dog Training

As residents of Tucson, we adore our pets — which is immediately evident by the vast array of pet-friendly hiking trails and outdoor activities that are found in and around the city. The mountains that surround much of Tucson make for wonderful spots to play with your dog and let them stretch their legs, while the weather is almost always sunny, this means that you’ll rarely need to check the forecast when you’re planning on enjoying some much needed play time outdoors.

While we all love and cherish our pets, an essential aspect of being a pet owner is teaching your furry friend proper obedience and behavior so that they can take full advantage of all of the exciting and memorable activities in Tucson. A trip to the park can be much more relaxing for you and more enjoyable for the dog if they are properly trained and won’t tug on their leash or jump on a passerby.

There are a wide range of high-rated and popular dog trainers in the city, all of which can help your pet learn how to be obedient and display the right behavior so that you and your friends and family can enjoy everything Tucson has to offer (along with your furry friends)!

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11. A Loyal Companion

A Loyal Companion is a unique dog-training center in Tucson that offers numerous swimming, fitness, and exercise programs alongside their standard training classes. They aim to provide dogs with a fun and engaging environment where they can quickly adapt to their surroundings. Their main training services include basic and advanced obedience programs, which can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. These programs are priced at $149 for four-week courses and $225 for six-week courses. Throughout the group training classes they provide, the certified trainers use games like “Watch Me!” and “The Name Game” to help your dog learn basic obedience skills like loose leash walking and sitting.

Learn more about A Loyal Companion at http://www.aloyalcompanion.com/

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10. Dog Masters Training

Dog Masters Training is a training center for puppies and dogs in Tucson that offers basic and advanced obedience training. They specialize in correcting such behavioral issues as aggression, obsession, and hyperactivity. The training services that they offer are available as private lessons that take place in your home and are priced at $225 for every two-hour session. When you’re thinking about selecting their training services, these services are available for all dog breeds, ages, and sizes.

Learn more about Dog Masters Training at http://dogmasterstraining.com/

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9. Camp Bow Wow Tucson

Camp Bow Wow Tucson is a dog daycare center that’s known for providing reliable and trustworthy training services. Located in Catalina, they offer a range of daycare, boarding, and grooming services alongside their training services, which provides for all of your needs as a dog owner in one location. Their dog training services include in-camp and private training programs alongside three levels of obedience classes, which extend to basic, intermediate, and public polishing classes. Their group dog training classes range in price from $160-$220 and last for 6-7 weeks. Additional training options like puppy socializing are also available for just $10 extra.

Learn more about Camp Bow Wow Tucson at https://www.campbowwow.com/tucson/

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8. Anthony’s K-9 Services

Anthony’s K-9 Services is a mobile dog-training service in Tucson that’s designed to come to you when you want your dog to receive training. By coming to your home, your dog will be able to learn how to properly behave themselves in an environment that they’re familiar with. Their main training services include behavioral modification training as well as basic and advanced obedience training. They also specialize in helping dogs with their aggression, which includes leash aggression, dog aggression, and even food aggression. Their training services are extensive, which means that prices can vary. Standard puppy training costs $650, while their behavior modification program costs $1,350.

Learn more about Anthony’s K-9 Services at https://anthonysk9.net/

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7. Dog Training Mobile

Dog Training Mobile is a reputable dog trainer in Tucson that specializes in resolving all kinds of unwanted behaviors that can be displayed by dogs, which extend from potty training to aggression. Their training method is aimed at keeping the dog as comfortable and happy as possible while the training is underway. The main goal that they have is to make sure that the owner to be able to have an amazing relationship with their dog. They offer three separate training packages, which include The Foundation, The Foundation Plus, and The Extended Package. For the majority of their clients, The Foundation package is all that’s necessary. It takes place over a period of 6-8 weeks with three visits to your home. The second training package lasts for six months, while the third package takes 12 lessons and 12 months to complete.

Learn more about Dog Training Mobile at http://dogtrainingmobile.com/

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6. Garvin’s Divine Dog Training

Garvin’s Divine Dog Training is a dog-training center that’s available to dogs of all breeds and ages. The training can also be applied to your dog no matter the level of obedience that they have reached. Their main behavioral management solutions center around on-leash behavior issues, housebreaking, fence jumping, poor levels of aggression, and separation anxiety. The head trainer, Karyn Garvin, has an introductory session with all dog owners before training begins to map out the rest of training. Training can be obtained as a private lesson or a six-week group program. The group program costs $200, while the private lessons are available for $150 per hour along with a $35 trip fee. You could also purchase training packages that provide four private sessions for $1,149, eight private sessions for $1,995, or unlimited private sessions for $3,500.

Learn more about Garvin’s Divine Dog Training at http://garvinsdivinedogtraining.com/

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5. Central Pet Tucson

Central Pet Tucson is a dog daycare center in Tucson that offers an array of services, the primary of which focus on training dogs. Their training services aim to help dogs acquire better behaviors through repetition as well as positive reinforcement. They offer seven types of training that you can select, which include basic obedience, canine good citizen, therapy dog readiness, agility, snake avoidance, toad avoidance, and tricks. Aside from the short snake and toad avoidance classes that they offer, these programs can last anywhere from 5-6 weeks and can cost around $100-$150 depending on the one that you select.

Learn more about Central Pet Tucson at https://centralpetaz.com/

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4. Ruff House Dog Training & Behavior Modification

Ruff House Dog Training & Behavior Modification is a highly popular dog-training service that specializes in obedience training. While they offer advanced dog training programs that focus on tricks training, agility training, and avoidance of snakes and toads, their primary training programs are designed to help dogs curb bad behaviors like pulling on the leash, going to the bathroom in the house, and jumping on people. This training is available as private or group classes, both of which can be applied to puppies and adult dogs. Their eight-week puppy obedience program costs $250, while their 6-week adult dog obedience program costs $300. Their private training programs are divided into numerous tiers that range in price from $100 for a single session to $1,215 for the puppy PHD program.

Learn more about Ruff House Dog Training & Behavior Modification at http://www.ruffhouse.biz/

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3. Sit! Stay! Play!

Sit! Stay! Play! is a vast dog-training center nearby the University of Arizona that offers a suite of services that include dog training, dog daycare, and overnight care. Their facility is state-of-the-art and includes 6,500 square feet of indoor space as well as 1,000 square feet of outdoor space for your dogs to play and train in. Their dog training services aim to enhance the bond between owner and pet through reward-based techniques. Their standard training services are available in group classes or in-home training, the latter of which is considered to be private training. They offer three different types of private training, all of which cost just over $100 for a one-hour session. As for their group classes, they offer over a dozen classes that focus on different types of training like learning tricks and learning basic obedience and manners. Most group classes run for four weeks and cost $150.

Learn more about Sit! Stay! Play! at http://sitstayplaytucson.com/

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2. Sublime Canine

Sublime Canine is a dog-training facility in Tucson that is known for helping dogs modify their behaviors and become more obedient. They also focus on making sure that dog owners understand how to communicate effectively with their dog. Their training method uses positive reinforcement and fairness to help the dog learn how to behave properly. Their behavior management and dog training services are comprehensive and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your dog. The main types of lessons available at Sublime Canine are private lessons and group lessons, of which there are a variety of package options for both.

For instance, private lesson packages include the sublime puppy, the enlightened dog, the sublime canine, and an aggression and rehabilitation program. While this training is provided primarily at their facility, they also perform some training at local parks. Both private and group lessons can last for upwards of six months. You could also enroll your dog into various sports and specialty packages like shy dog, therapy dog, or tracking. Smaller classes for rattlesnake avoidance and toad avoidance are also provided.

Learn more about Sublime Canine at https://www.sublimek9.com/

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1. Sol Dog Lodge & Training Center

Sol Dog Lodge & Training Center is a dog-training facility in Tucson that has garnered a reputation for being highly effective at training dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds, and temperaments. Their services are divided into training, boarding, and DayCamp, the latter of which is designed to challenge your dog both physically and mentally. The DayCamp program is available in both full-day and half-day passes. They specialize in providing training for dogs, which can be purchased in a variety of different packages that can be customized to fit your dog’s needs.

Their primary training packages include day training, private lessons, group lessons with other dogs, and board and train. While they use numerous training methods to help dogs become obedient and cooperative, the main goal of each trainer is to employ effective and low-stress training techniques. Before your dog can receive training, you’ll need to talk with a trainer to develop your customized package, which comes with a cost of $60. The final price for dog training depends on the type of package you select. For instance, board and train packages will cost more since the dog will stay at the facility for the length of the training program.

Learn more about Sol Dog Lodge & Training Center at https://soldoglodge.com/