The 15 Best Local Preschools in Tucson

Preschools in Tucson

Whether you’ve been a resident of the beautiful community of Tucson for many years or are thinking about taking your family to the city for the plethora of exciting outdoor activities, dining, shopping and things to do — there’s a good chance that you’re interested in the local schools that are available for your children to attend. Among the top benefits of living in and around Tucson is that the school system and the schools within are considered to be among the finest in Arizona and throughout the country!

If your children are below the age of five, you may want to consider sending your child to a preschool that will help them get ready for elementary school while also providing them with great programs and educational tools that can prove invaluable for the coming years. As is the case with the elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Tucson, the city plays host to some exemplary preschools that will help provide your children with the building blocks of education that they need before entering kindergarten and beyond.

Because of how many preschools are located in and around the city, the following takes a closer look at 15 of the best local preschools in Tucson.

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15. Strauss ECE and Kindergarten

Strauss ECE and Kindergarten is a preschool that has received NAEYC accreditation and is regarded as one of the best preschools in Tucson. Their play-based program is a nurturing one that encourages decision-making, creativity, and problem-solving. All of the activities in this program are age-appropriate while still challenging the child to develop their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social skills.

The preschool is open all throughout the year and is available for children between the ages of 2-4 years old. They have 17 classrooms at the preschool with close to 200 students. The various enrichment activities that they offer include sign language, movement, STEM, gardening, and Spanish. Because of the many different schedules available at the preschool, the tuition fees vary substantially. You’ll receive a packet about tuition fees during a tour of the school.

Learn more about Strauss ECE and Kindergarten here: https://www.straussece.com/

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14. Real Kids Preschool

Real Kids Preschool is a preschool program that provides children from the ages of 2-5 with a fun and lively atmosphere that includes weekly themes, weekly music, and regular family events.

Along with helping children maximize their education before getting to kindergarten, this program is also designed to assist younger children in developing their social skills. Parents love that the teachers are passionate and get to know each family. If you decide to send your child to this school, tuition payments can be made in person, by mail, or online for extra convenience.

Learn more about Real Kids Preschool here: https://www.realkidstucson.com/

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13. Mis Manos Montessori School

Mis Manos Montessori School is a private preschool that offers year-round classes to children from 3-6 years old. Their goal is to allow the child to teach themselves through self-correcting materials and projects, which should help children boost their confidence.

The learning environment at this school is focused on creativity, fun, and adventure through every developmental phase. The main areas of education include practical life, math, language, sensorial, cultures, art, music, and geography. Tuition information for their preschool program can be obtained by getting in touch with the school.

Learn more about Mis Manos Montessori School here: http://mismanosmontessori.com/

12. Leman Academy of Excellence – East Tucson

Leman Academy of Excellence is a public charter school in East Tucson that aims to provide children with learning that’s disguised as play.

They understand that every child is unique, which is why their teaching methods include guided exploration, creative projects, field trips, the introduction of shapes, letters, and numbers, singing, coloring, painting, and building. They also set clear developmental objectives so that you know how your child is progressing. At the end of the program, your child should be ready for kindergarten.

Learn more about the Leman Academy of Excellence here: https://lemanacademy.com/eastside-school/

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11. Pima Country Day School

Pima Country Day School is a nationally-accredited preschool that strives to help children develop friendships with other preschoolers while getting them ready for kindergarten.

The main learning environment at this school is a combination of fun and academic, which should help the children who attend to remain interested in what they’re learning. Their curriculum includes everything from early literacy skills to sign language communication. A wide range of activities and special events are also hosted at the school throughout the year to ensure that parents are involved in their child’s education. These activities include holiday parties, charity events, and potluck dinners.

Learn more about Pima Country Day School here: https://www.smallmiraclesaz.com/central-tucson/pima-country/

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10. Discovery Learning Center

Discovery Learning Center is a child care center in Tucson that is invested in every aspect of the children who attend, which means that the school focuses their educational efforts on helping a child develop emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, and intellectually.

Their program consists of an array of classes that younger children should find interesting, which include dramatic play, story telling, art, music, and science activities. This program is available for two, three, or five days each week as a half day or full day. Parents love that the staff members and teachers are always warm and friendly and will accommodate any request.

Learn more about the Discovery Learning Center here: https://discoverylearningcenter.com/

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9. Sunshine School in Oro Valley

Sunshine School in Oro Valley is a fantastic preschool that’s open to children between the ages of 3-5. Among the most distinct elements of Sunshine School is that all of the teachers are required to have some prior teaching experience in elementary schools, which they believe will ensure that children receive an education that prepares them for kindergarten.

The educators at this school provide children with an array of activities in such areas as life skills, social development, and cognition. Tuition information can be obtained by contacting the school directly.

Learn more about Sunshine School in Oro Valley here: http://sunshineschooltucson.org/

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8. Creative Kids Preschool

Creative Kids Preschool is an early childhood program in Tucson with a focus on multi-experiential curriculum, which is provided in an environment that’s safe, clean, and fun. Parents particularly love how large parties and events are held there around each holiday, which can include everything from hot chocolate and pajamas for a day of relaxation to a costume event for Halloween.

Their preschool program is referred to as The Explorers, which is available to children between the ages of 2-3. While much of their classes are held indoors, they also offer plenty of outdoor fun throughout the day to make sure that the children remain engaged. Self-help skills and potty training are also taught at this school. Tuition payments can be made on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis.

Learn more about Creative Kids Preschool here: http://creativekidsaz.com/

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7. Tucson JCC

Tucson JCC is a full-service community center that offers an extensive preschool program for younger children. Their early childhood education program aims to help children learn, laugh, and grow through the usage of a play-based approach to education alongside an emergent curriculum.

Their preschool program adheres to Arizona early learning standards, which means that you can be confident your child is being adequately prepared for kindergarten. The staff at this preschool encourages all kinds of activities, which include individual, small group, and large group activities. A couple of the specialized classes offered at Tucson JCC include Sheva and DiscoverCATCH, the latter of which promotes exercise and eating healthy foods.

To register for the preschool program or to take a tour of their facilities, you’ll need to contact the director of ECE at 520-299-3000.

Learn more about Tucson JCC here: http://jccassociation.org/find-a-jcc/tucson-jcc/

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6. Children’s Learning Adventure

Children’s Learning Adventure is is a popular preschool in Tucson that offers an accelerated curriculum to make sure that the children who attend are ready for kindergarten. This program provides children with access to a variety of enrichment classes such as dance, martial arts, music, and cooking.

Their preschool program is open to children at age three and focuses on providing a traditional education in a variety of subjects like mathematics and technology. They offer numerous learning environments, regular field trips, and daily small-group instruction. Parents love that they receive regular pictures of their child performing various educational activities and socializing with other children.

Learn more about Children’s Learning Adventure here: https://www.childrenslearningadventure.com/

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5. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an early childhood learning center in Tucson that provides a preschool program based on flexibility and openness. They encourage child-initiated discoveries to help stimulate the mind while also focusing on experimentation with hands-on activities. They believe that this approach helps children grow to enjoy learning.

They are fully accredited and are a current member of a star-rating system known as Arizona Quality First. They have received the highest rating of five stars from this system for the excellent child care and education services they provide. Their preschool program is play-based with a focus on creative activities and environments. You can contact the school to learn more about their tuition rates.

Learn more about The Sandbox here: https://sandboxtucson.com/

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4. Sonshine Preschool

Sonshine Preschool is a highly-rated preschool in Tucson that serves children from the ages of 1-5. This school is a member of the prestigious First Things First Quality First Program, which has provided them with a four-star rating. Their main goal is to help children ready themselves for kindergarten.

However, they also focus on assisting each student with becoming more creative and learning how to socialize with other children, both of which can be invaluable during your child’s elementary, middle, and high school years. Parents love how patient the teachers and staff members are with the children, which they believe helps the child get acclimated to their surroundings much quicker than usual. Children can attend this program for two, three, or five days per week.

Learn more about Sonshine Preschool here: http://sonshineprek.org/

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3. Little Ranch Preschool

Little Ranch Preschool is a child care center in Tucson that offers a distinct ranch-like environment to children who attend. This is a nationally-accredited early learning center that practices modern learning techniques to effectively facilitate the growth and development of each child who enrolls.

They believe that every child is unique, which is why the learning environment at this preschool is focused on individuality. Parents love that the preschool embraces technology, which allows the parents to access a video feed at anytime to watch their child play and learn while at school.

This preschool is available to children between 18 months and four years old. Tuition payments are made in monthly installments if you’re thinking about sending your child to this preschool.

Learn more about Little Ranch Preschool here: https://www.littleranchpreschool.org/

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2. Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten

Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten is a preschool that’s located just outside of Tucson in Oro Valley. They provide children who enroll with a nurturing environment where they can learn without distraction. This environment is outfitted with soft fabrics, comfortable seating, and calm colors. The program also centers around helping children get ready for kindergarten.

Well over 60 percent of all preschool students at this school have tested at an advanced readiness for kindergarten.

Their preschool program is available to children between the ages of 3-4, the main goal of which is to help every child become an enthusiastic learner. Some of the areas of learning available here include art, social studies, math, and science.

Among the more distinct aspects of this preschool that most children love is the fact that the outdoor playground is styled like a pirate ship, which should keep your child engaged. You can schedule a visit at any time to learn more about tuition rates.

Learn more about Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten here: https://www.puschridgepreschool.com/

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1. Brichta Infant and Early Learning Child Care Center

The Brichta Infant and Early Learning Child Care Center is a preschool in Tucson that focuses on helping children prepare for kindergarten and learn how to get along with others. Your child will have the ability to enter into some enrichment classes, which include sign language, Spanish, soccer, and music.

While the bulk of the learning that occurs at this preschool is held in a classroom setting, your kids will also be able to spend ample amounts of time in the outdoor learning environment. From here, children are able to play on playground equipment and even learn about gardening. When you want to enroll your child into this preschool, tuition can be paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment plan. When looking solely at the monthly payment plan, the rates are set at:

  • $776 per month for children at age two
  • $738 per month for children at age three
  • $700 per month for children at age four

Learn more about Brichta Infant and Early Learning Child Care Center here: http://www.tusd1.org/Departments/Early-Learning/Brichta-Center


Tucson has long been home to some of the best education programs in the country. While there are many more wonderful preschools throughout Tucson, we hope this article helps give you some insight into how spectacular the city of Tucson is! Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Tucson, be sure to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to leverage our years of local real estate experience to get you the best price for your home!