Top 5 Pool Service Providers in Tucson

Tucson is a wonderful city in the heart of Arizona that’s known for its beautiful weather and varied landscapes. While much of the city is surrounded by desert landscape, the sprawling Catalina Foothills and Santa Catalina Mountains in the northern area of Tucson provide you with many parks and hiking trails to enjoy when spending time outdoors. When you don’t want to leave the comforts of your own home to enjoy the outdoors, a home pool can be a valuable addition to your home during the hot summer months in Tucson. Installing a pool in your backyard allows you to better enjoy this area of your home and provides you with a fantastic amenity for entertaining guests and spending time with the family. As most pool owners know, if you have one, it’s important that you clean it and keep it well maintained to ensure that it retains its quality over time. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top rated pool service providers that you can find in Tucson!

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1. Pool Cleaning Services by Preservation Pros, Inc.

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Preservation Pros, Inc. is a business in Tucson that mainly focuses on pool cleaning services. They have been in business for over 20 years and offer a range of cleaning, maintenance, and repair services that will keep your pool in good shape. Their many pool and spa services are available to all residents of Tucson and many of the surrounding areas. Each of the technicians that are employed by Preservation Pros, Inc. are Certified Pool Operators, which is a professional certification that should bolster your confidence about the quality of service they provide.

During the course of their pool cleaning services, they use only premium quality salt test kits and electronic chemical test kits, both of which allow the technicians to identify whether or not the pool is operating as it should. Their pool and spa services include filter repair and replacement, the installation of new heaters, pumps, and filters, weekly maintenance, leak detection, pool acid washes, leak repairs, and leak resurfacing. They also offer a couple of maintenance packages that you might want to take advantage of to make sure that your pool remains in good condition. The golden pool service package starts at $30 per month and is designed specifically to maintain your pool chemicals throughout the year. The ultimate pool service package starts at $69 per month and provides you with a full service suite, which includes vacuum cleanings, tile brushing, filter cleaning, and vacuuming.

Customers who have used their services in the past say that they are great at arriving on time and completing the work in a timely fashion. They have also been praised for their customer service and the fact that they follow up to make sure that their work met the customer’s satisfaction. Make sure that you check out their special offers before you’ve selected one of their services. These offers can save you a substantial amount of money on your next pool cleaning or maintenance.

2. Quality Pool Service and Repair

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Quality Pool Service and Repair is a company that offers a large variety of pool repair and maintenance services. Their core services are centered around making sure that a pool is fully functional and clean, which is why their services are comprehensive and include everything you might need if your pool stops working properly. They have a long history of working in Tucson and can work on any project size whether big or small.

The primary services offered are divided into pool repair and pool cleaning services. Their pool repair services include heater replacement services, pump repair and replacement services, and motor repair and replacement services. Their numerous cleaning services extend from filter and tile cleaning to acid and chlorine wash. They offer a free estimate before they start work, which means that you can know the price of the service before you sign of on the work.

Customers who have obtained the services offered by Quality Pool Service and Repair love how attentive the employees are and how consistent the quality of their work is. People who have purchased maintenance or cleaning packages from the company in the past say that the team is always on time and never forgets a scheduled maintenance session during the year. Whenever you have any questions for the pool cleaning technicians, they will be patient and provide you with easy-to-understand answers.

3. Lance’s Pool Service

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Lance’s Pool Service is a swimming pool contractor in the city that offers cleaning and repair services. While they offer a wide array of different types of services, they mainly specialize in weekly maintenance service, which they believe is essential towards keeping a pool in good working condition throughout the year. Although they originally operated out of San Diego, CA, the business was brought to Tucson in 2013 and has quickly built up a reputation as a fantastic pool service provider. They make sure to stay on top of the latest advancements in the pool cleaning industry, which is exemplified with the usage of such technology as an electronic photometer water analysis system and portable vacuum systems designed specifically for pools.

Aside from the weekly maintenance services offered by this company, they also provide repair services for any piece of equipment that’s not functioning properly in your pool, clean up services, and filter cleanings, the latter of which costs $95. The weekly maintenance services they offer start at $125 each month and include chemical services. The main features that come with weekly maintenance include the removal of surface debris, tile cleaning, vacuuming, pool wall brushing, and chemical balancing.

Previous customers of Lance’s Pool Service continue to do business with them because of their affordable rates and the high quality customer service they provide throughout the entire cleaning or maintenance process. These customers also find the owner, Lance Maynard, to be very courteous and reliable in the work he provides. All of the employees who are hired by Lance Maynard are also said to be highly knowledgeable about all aspects of pool maintenance and repair. You can expect them to always provide fast service even when you require emergency repair services.

4. Cool Dudes Pool Service

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Cool Dudes Pool Service is a pool cleaning company out of Marana that provides service to all of Tucson and many of the surrounding areas. They are a family-owned company that have been in the pool cleaning business for many years. Each of their employees has received extensive training as well as the necessary certifications that allow them to provide top-tier pool cleaning services. All of the services available to you automatically include the chemicals that are needed to keep the water at the proper chemical balance. A unique facet of the way they do business is that they provide their customers with tracking when service is scheduled so that the customer can know exactly when they arrive.

They offer a wide range of services that include filter cleanings and repairs, heater repairs, acid washes, and leak detection. Their maintenance services are always thorough and can scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis depending on preference. If ever your pool needs a new part or piece of equipment, they have the expertise necessary to replace this part and install a new one. If you work in the military, law enforcement, or as an EMT, they offer a special discount on pool services that you can obtain by calling them.

The many customers who have used this pool service provider over the years believe that they almost always provide excellent service. Customers are particularly happy about the maintenance services that are offered by the Cool Dudes Pool Service. They say that small repairs will be made during the maintenance without requiring too many extra fees. Most of their customers have also said that the prices they offer are fair and competitive within the Tucson pool service industry.

5. Blue Knight Pool Service

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Blue Knight Pool Service is a swimming pool cleaning and repair company that’s family owned and operated. They’ve been providing their services in Tucson for nearly 10 years and are known for being professional yet personable at all times. Their main services are separated into four categories of weekly pool cleaning and maintenance, pool repair and replacements, tile cleaning service, and water chemical service. The weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services they offer also incorporate tile cleaning and water chemical services if you request them.

The weekly maintenance services they provide include equipment inspections, filter servicing, and discounts on any equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced. For any work that needs to be done, they offer full estimates that will show you the price before you request the work. Their repair and replacement services extend to all manufacturer equipment that can be found in a pool, which include heaters and filters. You’ll also be happy to know that they provide guarantees on all of their work, which means that they will make any necessary fixes to their original work for free. If you feel as though your pool doesn’t need complete maintenance services, the standalone water chemical and tile cleaning services will help keep your pool clean at lower prices.

A distinct aspect of their business is that they offer a large number of payment options. Aside from the standard credit card and debit card options, they also allow customers to pay their bills online through Paypal, which can add an extra level of convenience for you. Customers who have used their pool maintenance services believe that the work they provide is superb in all aspects. The service is always quick and efficient while also matching the high standards that the customers have. Customers feel as though the work they provide on short notice is just as good as the scheduled maintenance services they offer. There are also times when the customer has received a final price that’s actually lower than the estimated price, which goes to show that their prices are fair and affordable.

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