What is a home inspection and why should you get one?

A home inspection is a type of visual examination that’s essential when you’re buying or selling a Tucson Luxury home. While many people believe that most benefits of a home inspection are afforded to the buyer of the home, this type of inspection can also be advantageous to the seller in numerous ways. Even though a home inspection can often be overwhelming, it can also be an effective way to increase your leveraging power during the sale or purchase of a home once you understand how the process works. These inspections are able to either increase the overall value of the home that you’re selling or provide you with the best price for the home that you’re buying.

An inspector will conduct a very thorough visual examination of the home that you’re considering buying or selling. Throughout the course of the inspection, they will check everything from the status of the major appliances in the home to whether or not any repairs or upgrades have been made to the property over the years. Once the inspection is completed, you will receive a detailed report that will help you identify the next steps you need to take!

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take and What Does It Cost?

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take and What Does It Cost?

The length of a home inspection depends almost entirely on the size of the home that you’re looking at or are about to sell. Larger homes will invariably take more time to inspect than smaller ones. You don’t want the home inspector to do a rush job on something so important, which is why you should arrange for the inspection to take place at a time that fits your schedule. In most cases, a home inspection will take around 2-4 hours to complete, which means that the inspection will almost always be completed in a single day. If the home that you’re looking at or selling is a mansion or large estate property, the inspection time can be much longer.

If you’re a prospective buyer of the home that’s being inspected, it’s heavily recommended that you walk with the inspector during the process. Although they will make a report of all of their findings, they will be able to provide you with more details about the home if you’re there during the inspection. Make sure to ask any questions that you think of during the inspection in order to be more knowledgeable about the home you’re buying. You don’t want to be surprised about how much maintenance is required for an appliance or how the systems work after you’ve already bought the home.

As for the cost of an inspection, the answer depends on a variety of factors. The costs will almost always be higher with larger properties. The national average for the cost of a home inspection is just over $325, which is a relatively affordable cost for a task that can provide you with an array of benefits. If you have or are interested in a smaller home, you can expect the costs to reach as low as $200. Homes that are over 2,000 square feet in size can cost anywhere from $400-$600 for an inspection. If you also want the home to be tested for radon and mold, you should know that these costs are usually extra but are less expensive when you purchase them with the general inspection.

Each inspector in Tucson can charge different costs, which is why you’ll want to consider obtaining quotes and estimates from several inspectors before you request the services of one. Homes that have a large number of problems with them will also cost more because of the lengthier time spent on inspecting the home. Make sure that you don’t automatically retain the services of the inspector who provided you with the lowest price. It’s possible that a lower price can be indicative of less quality, which is why you should look online for reviews on the company or individual who is inspecting your home.

What’s Typically Included In a Total Home Inspection?

What's Typically Included In a Total Home Inspection?

If you want to avoid future problems and regular maintenance on the larger appliances in the home, there are a wide range of areas that should be inspected during this process. All appliances and plumbing should be thoroughly looked at to make sure that they don’t require substantial repairs or maintenance work. These inspections will also cover such areas as the electric and HVAC systems, any fireplaces, the roof and attic within the home, the foundation of the property, and the overall interior and exteriors.

Some inspectors will also offer additional services that you can obtain if you want to go the extra mile during the inspection. These services can include inspections for mold, radon, asbestos, and termites. Obtaining these extra services during the home inspection should give you peace of mind that you’ve exhausted all of your options. Keep in mind that the extra services listed here can only be handled by an inspector who has received the right qualifications and certifications. In some situations, the extent of issues with the foundation or other areas of the home will require additional examinations that are more invasive. If you’re buying a home, you will need to obtain the permission of the homeowner before you request such an inspection.

How Does a Home Inspection Help Buyers and Sellers?

How Does a Home Inspection Help Buyers and Sellers?

A home inspection is a process that can be highly beneficial to both the buyer and seller of the property. While sellers are going to invariably be wary of a process that can lead to them receiving a lower offer for the sale of the house, having an inspection done is better for sellers than avoiding doing so. Nearly all of the ways in which you as a seller benefit from having an inspection done occur if you request the inspection before listing the home on the market. While buyers didn’t always obtain inspections in the past, it’s almost a certainty on today’s market for them to do so.

An inspection that’s sought by a buyer will typically occur in the middle of the home-buying process, which only serves to delay the proceedings. On the other hand, obtaining an inspection before listing the property should pave the way for a smoother selling process. Having an inspection completed before listing the home will also allow you to attract more buyers and possibly receive competitive bids. In the current real estate market, buyers are more likely to consider looking at a home if it’s recently been inspected, which means that you may be able to get your home off the market quicker than you expected.

When considering the benefits that buyers are provided with, an inspection allows you to identify any repairs that need to be made and any issues that need to be addressed before you buy the home. Imagine a scenario where you buy a home at a good price only to find that the water heater is busted or the HVAC system is on its last legs. These are problems that will be caught before the sale of the home goes through, which can be highly beneficial to you when negotiating with the buyer on a better price. During negotiations, you can request that the buyer handles the repairs themselves before you purchase the home at the same price. You can also tell the seller that you will take care of the repairs as long as they lower the price of the home to match the cost of the repairs.

How to Prepare for Your Home Inspection

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’ll want to prepare for a home inspection. For sellers, it’s important that your home is presented in the best light possible. If there are any small repairs that you can get done before the inspection, consider taking care of these. Leave all of your utilities connected and make sure that there’s enough room for the inspector around the water heater and fireplace in your home. Leave any necessary keys to the home and outbuildings in a place where the inspector can reach them. You should also provide the inspector with any documents pertaining to repairs that have been made on your home since the last inspection was conducted.

For buyers, you’re going to want to walk alongside the inspector as they are conducting a visual examination of the home, which means that you should write down questions that you want to ask during the inspection. The process is a much more straightforward one for buyers, which means that there’s not a substantial amount of preparation that you need to do.

Where Can I Get a Home Inspection?

Get a Home Inspection

From Your Realtor

Likely the best way to obtain a home inspection from a qualified and reputable inspecting company is to ask your realtor directly. The expertise that your realtor has will allow them to assist you in finding a home inspection company that’s professional and right for the job. Now that you understand the benefits of a home inspection, you should also be aware of the importance of obtaining the right home inspector. Asking a Tucson Luxury Real Estate agent will allow you to avoid having to conduct the research on your own.

Professional Home Inspection Services

When you’re looking for the right company to provide you with professional home inspection services in Tucson, there are a range of options that you can select from.

HouseMaster Home Inspections is a home inspection team that serves Tucson and much of the surrounding areas. Their inspection services extend to every facet of the home no matter its size. They are among the top rated home inspectors by customers for the attentive and highly informative work that they provide. The reports they create are detailed yet easy to read.

Another home inspection company that you might be interested in is Win Home Inspection Catalina Foothills. Their home inspection services are always delivered within 24 hours of an individual contacting them and will oftentimes be performed on the same day as the initial call. They offer a variety of home inspection services that can be obtained as pre-listing inspection services or pre-offer inspection services. Their inspection team will also perform inspection services on duplexes, condos, and apartments. They are top rated among customers because they are always on time and provide excellent customer service.

Hands-on Home Inspection is a knowledgeable and reputable inspection company that has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is considered to be among the top home inspection companies in Arizona. They provide their comprehensive inspection services for buyers, sellers, and new construction properties, which means that their services can fit your exact situation. Customers have positioned Hands-On Home Inspection as a top rated company because of the thoroughness of the inspection that’s provided by Marcus Richter and his team. They use a ranking system to help the buyer or seller identify which repairs are needed the most.

Home Inspections: Conclusion

Hopefully by now you understand how essential a home inspection is not just for buyers, but for sellers looking to sell a home quickly and for the best price possible. If you’re looking to conduct a home inspection, contact Susanne Grogan of Grogan & Grogan Tucson Luxury Real Estate today and we’ll help get you on track to getting the best price for your home!