10 Best Custom Home Builders in Tucson, AZ

Custom home in Tucson

Custom luxury home building is on the rise in Tucson due to the city’s growing housing market, affordable land, and desirable location. The benefits of not only custom landscaping but building a custom home are many, including crafting your dream home in your own creative vision, selecting appliances and building materials that are energy efficient and stylish, and many more! You can match the design of your home to a popular style and aesthetic or choose to create something truly unique.

If you believe that building a custom home is the right choice for you, there are numerous local professionals who have been building custom homes and features for many years in Tucson.

Below is a list of the top 10 custom home building and designers in Tucson!

10. Interior Expressions Design Showroom

The Interior Expressions Design Showroom is a home building company that offers a range of interior design and custom home building services for you to consider. Although they specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, their home design and construction services are considered by past clients to be exemplary. The main team at Interior Expressions Design Showroom is headed by Betty Jones, an architect who customers say is highly attentive and focused on completing the job in accordance with the exact wishes of the client.

Customers also enjoy the fact that the design and construction teams are always on time with the estimate they provide before work is started on the project. Since the team at Interior Expressions Design Showroom is experienced in such interior services as bathroom remodeling, wine cellar design, and home theater design, they have the necessary expertise to build your home from the ground up without any issues or delays.

9. Kristen Nicole Design

Kristen Nicole Design is a professional interior design firm that has the ability to build customized homes. Their primary goal when building a home is to provide the client with interiors that closely matches with the exterior of the home to create a cohesive design. They aim for both of these aspects of the home to match with the lifestyle and personality of the client. They have in-house experts who can provide all different types of construction and design services, which means that they don’t employee outside contractors.

Kristen Nicole is the leader of the design team and is considered by customers to be very professional and efficient in the work that she provides. She makes sure to understand the client preferences and translate them into workable designs before any construction work begins on the home. During the construction of the home, the design team aims to create livable space that can be viewed as an oasis or sanctuary for the owners of the property. They take on projects of all sizes and can provide you with such services as custom fireplace mantels, lighting design, custom cabinets, bedroom design, and art selection.

Custom home interior in Tucson

8. Beyond Cabinets By Mueller

Beyond Cabinets By Mueller is a design studio that offers custom home building services alongside their primary cabinetry services. This company has built many homes throughout the years in a variety of architectural styles, which includes the beautiful Tuscan architectural style. Customers believe that they provide exceptional service and are meticulous during their work. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is the highest that can be obtained.

Along with their custom home building services, they also offer custom pantry, kitchen design, laundry room design, and bathroom design services that you may consider when requesting their services.

A main area of focus with the design and construction team throughout the project is to make sure that the project stays on budget, which is backed up by the many clients they’ve had over the years.

7. C K Cabinetry and Design, LLC

C K Cabinetry and Design, LLC is a popular design company and custom home builder that offers a suite of services that will help you build the custom home of your dreams. Carlie Korinek is the head of the design team and will always come over at the start of any project to ensure that your needs are met to the fullest.

They specialize in bathroom and kitchen design but can provide services for the design of any room in your house. The design team at C K Cabinetry and Design makes sure to always use high quality building materials and can build the home in any style you desire.

Some of their designs take a modern and simplistic approach while others focus on color and themed designs. Customers who have used C K Cabinetry and Design believe Carlie to be a fantastic designer and love the fact that she is involved in the entire project, which extends from the initial design phases to the final aspects of construction. These customers have also spoken to the fact that the design team handles any problems that arise with patience and care, which makes for a smooth custom home building process.

6. Taylordesign + BUILD

Taylordesign + Build is a custom home building company that has been around for more than 30 years and has crafted projects of all sizes during that time. Their main area of focus is on building homes that are energy efficient and sustainable while also conforming to the design wishes of the client. Bil Taylor and the rest of the design team strive to make sure that the design and construction process is always creative and highly collaborative.

They make an effort to take a substantial portion of the process to discuss and define the entire project before starting work to make sure that the final designs match the exact specifications of the client. While they can build homes in a variety of architectural styles, they want the home to fit well with the land surrounding it.

They have received numerous awards throughout the years that clearly state that they are leaders in the industry. Customers who have obtained the new home construction services that are offered by Taylordesign + Build love that Bil Taylor always has fantastic insight on what works best in the design of a home.

5. Aesthetics Interiors Inc

Aesthetics Interiors Inc is a home construction and interior design company that is headed by Tom and Susan Lujan. They are considered to be among the top designers in Tucson and have more than 18 years of experience. When it comes to their home construction services, they want every portion of the design to be personalized to the specifications of the client. However, they also focus on the big picture to craft designs that are timeless even when those designs focus on older architectural styles.

Customers love how prompt and professional the people who work with Tom and Susan are. These customers also find that the estimate for the project almost always matches the final cost. The services offered at Aesthetics Interiors Inc are comprehensive and include custom bookcases, custom furniture, color consulting, kitchen design, interior design, and bedroom design. The can provide their services for projects of any size and will build any type of home that you want.

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4. Pools by Design

Pools by Design is a renowned pool and spa designer as well as a custom home builder. This design and construction company always provides their clients with high quality computer drawn illustrations that are exceedingly detailed and will display the exact look of the home before it’s built. Customers believe that this approach makes it easy for them to identify whether or not the design of the house matches their desires.

Ken Larison leads the design team and can complete any request as long as it’s manageable. Customers feel as though Ken offers fantastic knowledge based on his expertise and is able to troubleshoot any problem during the design and construction phases of the project. The design team has 35 years of experience and consists of only the best designers in the industry.

3. Soloway Designs Inc | Architecture + Interiors AIA

Soloway Designs Inc is a home and building construction company that aims to be different throughout the design process. They believe that the home expresses the desires and dreams of the client, which is why they focus on blending everything that the client wants with a design that is uniquely dynamic and matches the personal style offered by Marc Soloway.

Although custom home building is the core service offered at Soloway Designs, they also offer a range of additional services that can be used during the home building process, including 3D home design, sustainable design, structural engineering, and interior design.

The design team doesn’t adhere to strict architectural styles, which is a feature that many customers love. Most customers believe that the final designs provided by Marc Soloway are one-of-a-kind.

2. Robinette Architects, Inc.

Robinette Architects, Inc. is a custom home building company that is headed by Ron Robinette, an architect who has completed more than 300 construction projects in and around Tucson during his 30 years of experience. They are a full service firm that employs experts at all portions of the project, which extend from the design of your dream home to the construction of it. They aim to build unique homes that stand out among the other homes in the area while also blending in with the Sonoran Desert.

Their main specialty is in building homes that are sustainable and highly energy efficient. Customers who have used Robinette Architects, Inc. in the past nearly all give high praise to Ron Robinette for the work that he and his team provides throughout the entire design and construction process. They can build homes in a large number of architectural styles that include rustic styles with a focus on wood as well as modern styles that emphasize open floor plans.

1. Interior Trends Remodel & Design

Interior Trends Remodel & Design is a custom home designer and builder that specializes in creating new homes. One of the main members of the design team is an interior designer, which helps to ensure that the inside of the homes is as well designed as the exterior. Most of their design services are sustainable and focus on creating homes that will keep your monthly energy bills low.

The design team offers a wide array of services that include bathroom remodeling, tile installation, home addition, and drafting services.

Kathy Lyle and Kathy Nieto are the heads of the design team and know how to choose the best contractors for the job. Customers who have retained the services of this home builder in the past love how they can adapt to any preferred changes by the customer during the project.

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If you’re ready to create the custom home of your dreams, there are many of fantastic custom home builders available in the booming residential community of Tucson (even beyond this list of top rated contractors in Tucson)! If you need help choosing the right custom home builder for you or would like to explore the Tucson luxury real estate market, contact Susanne of Grogan & Grogan Tucson Luxury Real Estate today and we’re more than happy to provide with you any assistance you may need in your real estate endeavor!