7 Breakfast spots in Downtown Tucson you have to try!

Breakfast in Downtown Tucson

Tucson is a wonderful city in Arizona that has proven to be highly popular among people who are looking to settle down primarily because of the wide variety of experiences that you can enjoy when living in the city. Whether you enjoy spending time outdoors and among nature or would rather go shopping as a means of relaxing, Tucson has it all and much more than you might expect. Much of the city is surrounded by the Santa Catalina Mountains and several other mountain ranges, which provides residents with an array of hiking trails and parks to visit when they want to take in some of the fantastic Tucson weather and spectacular scenery.

The actual city of Tucson is home to many premium shopping centers and entertainment venues that are great places to visit when you want to socialize with friends and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Residents of Tucson also have very close proximity to its sister city of Phoenix, which is just under two hours away by car.

When you’re thinking of purchasing a home in the city, the cost of living in Tucson is lower than many cities across the U.S. with a median home cost of around $180,000, which is substantially lower than the median home cost of $240,000 in Arizona. Once you’ve purchased a home in Tucson, you’ll likely be wanting to get to know more about the city that you’ve just moved to.

Are you looking for a new breakfast spot or a place to take friends and family on the weekend? Look no further than these seven breakfast spots that you have to try!


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7. Cafe a La Cart

Cafe a La Cart is a small cafe that’s located on the grounds of the prestigious Tucson Museum of Art and aims to provide a menu of refined American cuisine. Many customers who visit this restaurant adore the casual and laid back atmosphere that’s paired with a Monet-inspired garden patio where you can sit outside and enjoy your breakfast. This restaurant is located in the historic downtown portion of Tucson and provides visitors with a wide range of salads, artisan sandwiches, and coffees. Most of the ingredients used at Cafe a La Cart are locally sourced to ensure that they remain fresh.

The best aspect of their breakfast menu is that it’s simplistic yet varied, which means that you won’t need to spend 10 minutes trying to choose the right dish. They offer a variety of omelettes, frittatas, and other egg dishes like a simply eggs dish that comes with two eggs and your choice of black forest ham, chicken sausage, or smoked bacon. Some of the additional specialties that they offer for breakfast include grilled breakfast burritos, Chilaquiles, and cinnamon French toast. When you’re finished with breakfast, you may want to try the desserts that they offer, all of which are hand-crafted from an in-house pastry chef. Consider sampling the chocolate bomb or mixed berry buttermilk cake.

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6. HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery

The HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery is a modern American restaurant that focuses primarily on providing guests with New American fare as well as delectable homemade ice cream. The atmosphere inside of the HUB Restaurant is a hip and energetic one, which is buoyed by the presence of music that’s spun by a talented DJ. When you step inside, you’ll notice that there are numerous HDTV sets around the seating area and behind the bar, which will provide you with the option to catch up on the news or the game while you eat.

They open at 11:00AM and provide a number of dishes that work well for breakfast, which include a local favorite of chicken and waffles as well as huevos rancheros. The main breakfast dishes offered at the HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery are listed under the brunch menu. Once you’ve finished with breakfast, you may want to try out one of the many ice cream flavors that they have on hand, the most popular of which include Mexican wedding cookie, bourbon almond brittle, German chocolate, and banana cream pie. The service at this eatery is considered to be quick and exceptional, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the expediency of a standard cafe with the customer service of a full-service restaurant.

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5. Nook

Nook is a delightful cafe in Tucson that offers New American fare in a lively and comfortable setting. The venue is a cozy establishment with bar seating if you’d rather eat and drink right where the food is being made. The interiors are clean and modern with a simple layout. Their breakfast menu is extensive and includes a wide variety of dishes that are certain to satisfy any palette.

If all you’re looking for is a light start to your day, consider a warm blueberry scone or power parfait. They have several folded egg dishes on their menu as well as some handheld dishes like a tuna salad sandwich or the hippie burger if you’re in the mood for a heartier breakfast. Along with their more simplistic breakfast dishes, Nook also provides a variety of specialty plates that include breakfast fried rice, tamale pie, and a pulled pork Benedict. Their food is locally sourced and the portion sizes are ample!

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4. Maynards Market & Kitchen

Maynards Market & Kitchen is a popular French restaurant in downtown Tucson that specializes in seasonal American fare with a French twist. Their venue is a laid back one that focuses on comfort above all else, which you’ll notice with the ample bar seating and outdoor patio seating. On sunny days, two large speakers are placed on the patio for customers to listen to music while they dine. While the outdoor seating area for the restaurant is cozy and casual, the interiors are more elegant and refined. When you’re thinking about visiting for breakfast, they serve breakfast from 7:00AM-11:00AM Monday through Saturday and 9:00AM-11:00AM on Sunday.

Their breakfast menu is straightforward and simple yet comes with a number of gourmet dishes. Their croissant sandwich is made with Gruyere cheese, eggs, ham, and arugula, all of which are premium ingredients. Some additional dishes available on the breakfast menu include an egg sandwich, breakfast burrito, and bagel with cream cheese. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, the PB&J toast and avocado toast dishes might be of interest to you. Given that this restaurant functions as both a market and cafe, they also have a substantial amount of bakery foods and coffees for you to consider. Their many pastries and sweets extend from chocolate croissants and coffee cakes to macaroons. If you would like to pair your breakfast with a sumptuous coffee, they offer more than a dozen varieties that include cafe au lait and macchiato.

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3. Cup Cafe

Cup Cafe is a local favorite that’s situated inside of the historic Hotel Congress. Their breakfast menu is comprised of creative dishes and old-school desserts, most of which are classified as American cuisine. The venue for this restaurant is open and welcoming with numerous options for bar seating, booth seating, and standard table seating depending on your preferences. Their breakfast menu is comprehensive and includes a large number of breakfast staples as well as dishes that you’ve likely never heard of before.

Customers love how much food is provided with each plate. When you order the two eggs and toast dish, you’ll be provided with potatoes, toast, fruit, a couple of eggs, and your choice of such meats as vegan sausage, top sirloin, and ruby red trout. You’ll find well over a dozen additional dishes on their breakfast menu that you can sample. If you want a dish that you can customize, try the congressional omelet, which is a three-egg omelet that you can customize with your choice of cheese, produce, and meat for a truly personalized meal. If you don’t want to wait too long for your meal, make sure that you visit on a less-crowded weekday as opposed to the weekends.

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2. 47 Scott

The 47 Scott restaurant is a stylish restaurant that focuses on a comfort-food menu of New American cuisine. Among the most distinct aspects of 47 Scott is that the menu changes seasonally to ensure that the ingredients they use are always in season. When you visit for breakfast, you’ll notice that the interiors of the venue are designed to appear like a speakeasy-style bar, which is among the many reasons that this destination is popular with the younger crowd.

While 47 Scott focuses on breakfast dishes and bistro fare, they open at 4:00PM each day, which allows you to eat breakfast for dinner. Their menu is extensive and includes a substantial variety of different types of dishes, which range from Brussels and bacon to a stack of grilled cheese. Some of the other breakfast items on their menu include their house cheese slate, the soup of the day, and phyllo wrapped chicken. Make sure that you set a reservation at least two weeks before your visit.

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1. Prep & Pastry

Prep & Pastry is a chic restaurant in Tucson that solely provides visitors with breakfast and brunch dining. While their overall menu changes on a regular basis, they have some staples on hand that won’t change throughout the course of the year. Their venue is a relatively casual yet modern one with some outdoor seating that’s particularly beneficial on the more crowded mornings. The breakfast menu offered at Prep & Pastry includes a large amount of variety wherein you can order a simple breakfast dish with two eggs and toast or a dish like the cast iron duck confit that comes with goat cheese, shallots, spinach, and eggs.

A couple of vegan and vegetarian dishes that you might enjoy are the chilled coconut chia pudding and the chickpea scramble. A unique dish on their menu is Chef Hannah’s French toast, which is a dish that changes almost constantly by using new ingredients and different recipes that alter the base of the French toast without turning it into another dish entirely. Try an exo coffee or cold brew if you want some caffeine to start out your day!

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Hopefully this list of some of the most popular breakfast spots in Downtown Tucson will whet your breakfast or brunch appetite! If you have any questions about Tucson and are looking to buy or sell a home in the areacontact the local Tucson luxury real estate professionals at Grogan & Grogan Tucson Luxury Real Estate!