Hiring a Real Estate Partner: What to Look For

real estate agent

When you’re in search of a new home, you may find that the many options available to you are overwhelming without someone assisting you with the process. The same is true if you’re about to list your home and want to be able to sell it at a good price in a short amount of […]

9 Major Tax Benefits for Homeowners

Homeowner savings

Homeownership is something that comes with a wide variety of benefits that you may not fully comprehend until you’ve made such an investment. While it is a major investment, many new homeowners find that purchasing a home makes for a very exciting time in their life. While renting an apartment has its advantages, owning a […]

What is Escrow and How Does it Work?

Handshake closing escrow

Whether you’re selling or purchasing a home, escrow is an important financial term that you’ll certainly come across in your home buying or selling journey. Escrow is a financial arrangement where an impartial third party agrees to hold a certain amount of funds until the transaction between the other two parties has been finalized. This financial […]

What is a home inspection and why should you get one?

A home inspection is a type of visual examination that’s essential when you’re buying or selling a Tucson Luxury home. While many people believe that most benefits of a home inspection are afforded to the buyer of the home, this type of inspection can also be advantageous to the seller in numerous ways. Even though a home […]