Q1 2019 Tucson Housing Market in Review

Tucson is among the most popular destinations in Arizona due to its lovely weather and convenient access to many exciting outdoor activities. The city is practically surrounded by mountains, which allows you to get in some fresh air while hiking or taking in the scenery. When you venture into Downtown Tucson, you’ll be presented with […]

Handshake closing escrow

What is Escrow and How Does it Work?

Whether you’re selling or purchasing a home, escrow is an important financial term that you’ll certainly come across in your home buying or selling journey. Escrow is a financial arrangement where an impartial third party agrees to hold a certain amount of funds until the transaction between the other two parties has been finalized. This financial […]

2018 Tucson Housing Market in Review

When you’re attempting to measure the performance of the real estate market, a substantial factor that determines how well the housing market is performing is the domestic economy. When the economy is performing well with positive job reports, increasing stock prices, and improved consumer spending, the housing market will typically have a strong performance as […]

Looking back on the Tucson Housing Market [2018]

Tucson is a spectacular place to live in Arizona for anyone who’s searching for beautiful weather, thriving shopping and entertainment options, and the ability to spend time outdoors and among nature with ease. Tucson is a highly varied city that offers a large number of affordable luxury Tucson homes for you to consider. These homes come […]

What is a home inspection and why should you get one?

A home inspection is a type of visual examination that’s essential when you’re buying or selling a Tucson Luxury home. While many people believe that most benefits of a home inspection are afforded to the buyer of the home, this type of inspection can also be advantageous to the seller in numerous ways. Even though a home […]

Mortgage Rates

How New Mortgage Rates are Affecting Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Rosey Koberlein, CEO of Long Companies, is featured in this very informative guest opinion piece in the Arizona Daily Star. Starting on October 3rd the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is setting in place new mortgage rules and regulations that will keep the buyer more informed during the loan process. This article does a great job explaining what the consumer […]