The Skyline Country Club Estates & Golf Course

The Skyline Country Club Estates & Golf Course is a wonderful golfing destination that’s located at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains and offers spectacular views of nearby Tucson.

If you’re looking for a home in Tucson, some of the most luxurious homes in and around the Santa Catalina Mountains are found in this community. The proximity that these homes have to the local country club affords a luxurious lifestyle of golf and fine dining away from the busy city center. Along with the peace and quiet that you’ll have when living in an exclusive location, this community is only a short drive from the thriving downtown Tucson, which makes it easy to benefit from all that the city has to offer.

6361 N. PLACITA DERRUMBADERA, a luxury home in Tucson near the Skyline Country Club Estates — represented by Susanne Grogan

The Skyline Country Club Estates

The Skyline Country Club Estates is comprised of a large number of beautiful luxury homes that have been made in a variety of different architectural styles. Because of the fantastic location among the Santa Catalina Mountains, the homes in this community are almost all located on a sizable lot of 2-5 acres.

The luxury homes that you can purchase here are considered to be among the best and most sought after in Arizona due to the breathtaking views that they provide. The majority of these homes overlook the entire city of Tucson, which makes for spectacular views as the sun is setting or in the evening when you can see the shimmering city lights below.

The features and amenities that you can expect from a home in this community depend on the price of the home that you purchase. More expensive homes typically lead to added amenities. However, each of the homes in this community are designed to provide the homeowner with a stylish and upscale lifestyle.

Fireplaces are common among these homes, some of which are outfitted with as many as four fireplaces. Wrought iron fencing is also situated around many of these properties, which helps to provide you with added privacy and security. Some of the additional features and amenities that you can expect to find with most of these homes include spas, pools, and covered patios.

What to Expect When Looking for a Home In the Skyline Country Club Estates

When you’re in the market for a home in the Skyline Country Club Estates, The properties within the community range in price from around $700,000 to upwards of $3.5 million. Many of these homes are larger estate properties with floor plans that range in size from 3,000-9,500 square feet.

Each of these homes are outfitted with at least three bedrooms and three bathrooms. These single-family residences either come with one or two stories with the main focus being on expansive and wide layouts as opposed to tall structures with more than two floors.

While the Southern Mediterranean architectural style is the most commonly used style throughout the community, other styles such as contemporary and Southwestern are also used in the construction of some of these homes. The Southern Mediterranean architectural style is recognizable by its red tiled roofs and white exteriors. When taking price into consideration, the largest and most unique of these homes typically have a price range that extends from $1.8-$4 million.

The Skyline Country Club Golf Course

When you visit the Skyline Country Club, you’ll be presented with a sprawling 18-hole golf course that provides members of the club with a fair challenge. This winding course is spread out across the Sonoran Desert Foothills but includes several water hazards that you’ll need to navigate on holes 1, 7, and 9.

You’ll also find bunkers situated around almost all of the greens on this course, which means that precision and accuracy is key. The greens and fairways on this course are always kept in immaculate condition to ensure that the ball never takes an awkward bounce. When you’re attempting to maintain a competitive score, the course has a par of 71. Two of the final three holes are lengthy par 5 holes that make for a great finish to the round.

If you’re in need of some gear before you head out to the course, a full service golf shop is available to provide for all of your golfing needs. You’ll be able to find everything from golf clothing to equipment like clubs, balls, and gloves.

In the event that your golf skills aren’t what the once were or you’ve never played before, golf lessons can be requested through the golf shop. Several professional instructors are available to provide you with private lessons or group clinics that will assist you in improving your golf swing, stance, and any other facet of your game. You can either book lessons in single sessions or in groups of lessons, the latter of which allows you to obtain substantial discounts for each lesson.

Golf at the Skyline Country Club

The Amenities of the Skyline Country Club

When you’re not out on the course, the Skyline Country Club has a 58,000 square foot clubhouse that provides its members with a wide range of great amenities to use, which extend from fitness facilities to dining options. If you enjoy playing tennis, this country club plays host to six tennis courts with clay surfaces. These courts have a medium speed to them, which helps to accommodate any playing style. Whether you play a more offensive style of tennis or prefer to stay around the baseline, you’ll find that the medium speed is easier on muscles and joints. Four of these courts stay lit during the evening. When you want to practice off the court, a ball machine and backboard area are available. Tennis clinics and tournaments are held on a regular basis if you wish to take your game to the next level.

Tennis at the Skyline Country Club

You could also take advantage of the fitness and aquatics facilities available at the country club. Their fitness facility is state-of-the-art and comes equipped with multiple exercise bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers, all of which are useful when you’re trying to get more cardio into your workout. If you’re mainly focusing on strength training, a large amount of equipment is available in the fitness center that accommodates this type of training, which includes free weights. Individual and group training classes are also available if you need a more focused routine.

The Olympic-sized pool is heated all throughout the year to ensure your comfort when using it. If you’re a member of the club, you can access the pool seven days a week for casual swimming or lap swimming. You might also want to consider making use of the full service spa that’s hosted by the Skyline Country Club. This spa offers a variety of facials and massages that can fulfill all of your needs. The services available at this spa include hot stone massages, salt scrubs, oxygen facials, and microdermabrasion services.

If you want to get something to drink or a bite to eat, a la carte dining is available whenever you have need for it. There are three dining areas to select from when you’re looking for some casual dining, which include the bistro, top, and legacy lounges. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’ve joined this club for its social events, there are a large number of special interest clubs for you to consider joining. These clubs center around such subjects as photography, books, bowling, astronomy, and hiking.

Weddings at the Skyline Country Club

Events & More at the Skyline Country Club

The Skyline Country Club provides the perfect destination for all kinds of different events like weddings, birthdays, and even business conferences. The scenic views of the Santa Catalina Mountains as well as the cityscape of Tucson offer a wonderful backdrop for any type of event.

When you’re thinking about hosting a wedding at this venue, the indoor and outdoor facilities at the country club offer several distinct areas that you can use for every portion of the wedding, which includes the wedding ceremony as well as the possible wedding reception. Some of the specialty items that are available for weddings include different theme decor, pipe and drape backdrops, a buffet chef, fireworks, a private bar, and a wedding coordinator.

The main room that’s used for weddings and other events is the Skyline Room, which seats 300 and provides a 180-degree view of the city. You can also host an aspect of your event in the Crown Room, which offers a more intimate setting for private parties that don’t go over 120 people. This area is situated on the top floor of the club, which provides attendees with the best views of the city. If you’re hosting a smaller banquet or private function, additional facilities like the rotunda, main lounge, and west patio can also be booked depending on which location you prefer for your event.

The Skyline Country Club offer over 58,000 square feet of space in the clubhouse that can be used for any event.

Becoming a member at the Skyline Country Club

Becoming a Skyline Country Club Member

If you’re thinking about becoming a Skyline Country Club member and would like to know more about how to do so, you can find complete membership information here. The memberships at the Skyline Country Club work somewhat differently than other country clubs in that membership is available by invitation only, which means that you can’t become a member unless invited by another member. While this might seem impossible if you’ve just moved to the community, the staff at the club will focus on introducing you to current members who are also nearby neighbors, which they believe works well at facilitating friendships.

Once you become a member of this country club, there are three distinct tiers that are available to you, which include premier, premier plus, and Palmer Advantage. Keep in mind that these memberships are designed as community memberships that offer you access to dozens of different golf courses and golf resorts from around the world.

The premier plus membership offers substantial discounts on dining and non-alcoholic beverages, concierge service, privileged access to many additional private clubs, and a wide array of fantastic golf benefits like cart fee only golf at more than 100 public and private courses across the U.S. along with the course at the Skyline Country Club. When you become a member at the Skyline Country Club, you’ll also gain access to all of their club amenities like their fitness facilities, tennis facilities, and Olympic-sized swimming pool.

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