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Landscaping in Tucson

Tucson is among the most popular cities in Arizona that has recently been displaying growth throughout a number of sectors, which includes the city’s real estate market. Tucson real estate has proven to be a hot market that is continuing to grow due to the beautiful surroundings and reasonable home prices that extend even to luxury homes within the city.

Since the average for home prices in the region is just under $200,000, many of the luxury properties in the city can also be selected at low prices. If you’ve recently purchased a home in Tucson or have lived in the city for many years, landscaping is a great way to add a pleasing aesthetic to your home while also enhancing the value of the property should you consider selling in the future.

When you’re living in Tucson, you’ll need to know what type of landscape design is best for your home, which is why you should consider selecting a Tucson landscape design firm with the local expertise necessary to get the most for your investment.

How does Landscaping Add Value to Your Home?

Custom landscaping can be the perfect addition to any home, which will allow you to make your property beautiful from the interior layout to the exterior accents and features. When you are considering the selection of these services, you should know that there are a wide array of different types of landscape styles and designs for you to select from, which provides you with the ability to alter the appearance of your home in a way that matches your personality.

Succulents interior landscaping

The best aspect of landscaping is that it automatically adds at value to your home by improving the overall appeal and aesthetic of your property. Your landscaping is also the first aspect of your property that prospective buyers will notice. Even if the interiors of your home look clean, beautiful, and luxurious, a bland landscape design can lower the price that you’re able to sell your home at while also pushing potential buyers away from touring the property.

While most professional landscaping businesses will provide you with recommendations on what you should do to change the appearance of your home, many of the design decisions will be up to you. You want to invest your money well, which means that you should craft a landscaping design that matches with the general architectural style of your home.

With the large number of design and style options for you to choose from, you should be able to find some changes that you believe would work well with your home. For instance, you could add an outdoor dining area to your backyard or place a beautiful garden fountain in a corner of the yard. Paver stones are also popular with landscape design services due to the many different designs that can be created with these stones.

Some of the landscape designs and styles that are commonly offered by landscaping businesses include the provision of various water features, the application of brick or pavement for patios or pathways, the building of decks that extend the living space of your property, the addition of different ornamental features, and many different types of gardening services that will help to spruce up your lawn.

Standard services like tree and shrub trimming, sodding, seeding, fertilizing, and tree planting are also typically available with landscaping services. When you meet with the right landscaping company, they will be able to help you create the best plan for your yard that will increase both the beauty and value of your home.

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Custom Landscape Design Can Increase the Value of Your Home

In the event that you are considering placing your home on the market and want to add value to it with landscape design services, you should expect to be provided with a high return on investment when it comes to the amount of money that you put into a new or altered landscape.

Although there’s no way of knowing exactly how big of a return you will obtain, it’s possible for the value of your home to increase tenfold over the amount that you invested into the landscape design. The average increase for the value of a home when investing in landscaping is at or above a whopping 20 percent!

In order to be provided with a substantial return on your initial investment, you will need to make smart and sound decisions on what you invest in. If your garden is already expansive and pristine in its design, there’s no need to make it larger.

Consider investing in areas where you’re lacking. If you don’t have many outdoor features that liven up your yard, that is an area that you should try to improve upon. Consider adding a gazebo or expanding your deck into a patio for dining.

Even small and inexpensive changes like keeping your yard free from weeds and mowing the yard regularly will help to bolster the value of your home. If you’re serious about adding to the value of your property, consider investing around 5-10 percent of your home value into landscaping.

Top 5 Tucson Landscape Designers

1. Prideaux Design

Prideaux Design is a design firm in Tucson that specializes in both interior and exterior designs. They believe that all of the landscape designs that they provide to customers should be sustainable and highly functional.

They work on a wide range of different types of projects that extend from custom fire pits and water features to gazebo design and swimming pool design. The services offered by Prideaux Design are available to all of Tucson and many of the surrounding areas like the Catalina Foothills and Oro Valley. One area that Prideaux Design focuses on is the creation of outdoor living spaces that help to transform a standard backyard into a space where you can dine and relax with friends and family.

When you request their landscape design services, you will be provided with premium customer service, which is due to the fact that the owner of the business works closely with every customer to ensure that the design is perfect before any work begins. Customers who have used Prideaux Design in the past love how well the design team is able to take the customer’s ideas and transform them into actual designs. Before you schedule any projects, make sure that you first receive an estimate.

2. Santa Rita Landscaping, Inc.

Santa Rita Landscaping, Inc. is a landscaping and landscape design company that has been in business for more than 30 years. Since that time, they have become one of the largest landscape companies in Tucson and are known for providing exemplary workmanship on all of their projects.

They offer a myriad of services that will help you enhance your current landscape, which extend from artificial grass installation to outdoor kitchen construction. They can also install pavers, landscape lighting, drip irrigation, and customized water features.

A unique aspect of this landscaping business is that they will design the new landscape for you while also using in-house construction teams to install the landscape, which can help to keep prices down. They handle projects of all different sizes and aim to make the design process an easy and simplified one that doesn’t take up too much of your time.

Customers who have used Santa Rita Landscaping in the past believe that the company is among the best at making sure that the project is completed to specification, which is displayed by the follow ups that they conduct to ensure that the work has met the customer’s standards.


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BOXHILL is a somewhat smaller landscape design company that specializes in creating highly unique designs that stand out. The design team at BOXHILL has a signature style that consists of elegance and focuses on providing relaxed and comfortable outdoor living.

Nearly all of their landscaping services center around turning standard outdoor areas into living spaces, which is why many of their projects and the services they provide include the installation of paver stones, water features, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and a range of additional elements that help to create a place where you can rest or eat dinner with ease. Seating is also a large focus of theirs, which is why strive to make sure that the placement of chairs, couches, and tables works well with the layout of your home. They are able to work with numerous architectural styles that range from Mediterranean to modern.

Customers who have requested the services of BOXHILL say that the work provided by Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery along with her design team is fantastic in all phases of the project, which is due to the personalized attention she provides. These customers also enjoy how creative their design team is when searching for the right solution.

When you’re looking to have your landscape redesigned, you should expect to be provided with great craftsmanship that uses only the most premium of materials.

4. Landscape Design West, LLC

Landscape Design West, LLC is a landscape design firm that offers both commercial and residential landscaping services. They focus on extensive projects that typically redesign the entire yard or at least a portion of the yard, which means that the typical cost of a project can range from $30,000 to upwards of $850,000.

The design team is known for working closely with their clients and incorporating many of their ideas into the final design, which allows you to provide your own flourishes to the project.

The services offered at Landscape Design West include hardscape design, wildlife gardens, deck design, patio design, swimming pool design, and drought tolerant landscaping, which means that any change that you want to have done to your backyard can be accommodated. The customers who have used Landscape Design West say that the best aspect of the work provided by the design team is their attention to detail and the amount of knowledge they have about how to best manage desert surfaces and plants.

5. Solana Outdoor Living

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Solana Outdoor Living is a licensed contractor located out of Marana, AZ that aims to provide their customers with designs that are stylish and sophisticated as well as simplistic. Because their design philosophy is simplicity, you can expect for the team at Solana Outdoor Living to use in-house craftsmen to complete projects that are on budget and finish on schedule. Their services are among the most extensive on this list, which is due mainly to the fact that they provide the construction for all of the designs they create.

They specialize in building outdoor living spaces, which means that their services range from paver and pool installations to artificial glass installation and patio construction. When you are considering obtaining the services of Solana Outdoor Living, you can expect for them to accommodate every idea you have.

Customers who have worked with them in the past love the fact that the design and construction teams are able to tackle even the most difficult of challenges.


There’s no doubt that a professional landscape design can significantly improve the value of your Tucson luxury home for sale. If you’re interested in pursuing a custom landscape design for your own home, hopefully we’ve given you a good place to start with some reputable local Tucson landscape design professionals.

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