Staying Healthy in Tucson: Yoga, Crossfit, & More!

Woman yoga pose in Tucson

With the surrounding natural beauty of Tucson, Arizona, it’s no wonder that its residents typically choose to enjoy healthy and active lifestyles. In addition to the many premier golfing, shopping, and dining destinations throughout Tucson, the city is home to numerous recreational activities that pave the way for its residents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that’s also filled with excitement and adventure. When you’re searching for recreational activities that will help you stay fit and healthy, Tucson plays host to a number of spectacular yoga, Pilates, and Crossfit studios that are sure to satisfy!

Yoga in Tucson

Yoga in Tucson

Session Yoga

Session Yoga is a power yoga studio in the heart of Tucson that aims at providing visitors and members with yoga classes that are fun and relaxing. Their yoga classes are designed to accommodate people of all ages and skill levels, which means that you can visit this studio whether you’re a beginner or are experienced in yoga. They offer eight different classes, all of which are mildly heated at anywhere from 83-91 degrees. The primary type of yoga that is taught at this studio is vinyasa yoga, which is a popular type of yoga that focuses on achieving a balanced and healthy body. The yoga class types available for you to select range from a karma session to open air yoga. A single session is around $8 with monthly and yearly passes also being available.

Yoga Oasis

Yoga Oasis is a popular yoga studio with an eclectic and energetic atmosphere. All of the yoga classes they provide are open for drop-in students, which means that you won’t need to make an appointment beforehand. If you are considering bringing your children along, keep in mind that the main yoga classes are only available for people who are at least 12 years old. There are, however, seasonal 7-week programs available for children between the ages of 5-11. There are over a dozen different classes available for you to choose from, which extend from restorative yoga to meditation. If you have never performed yoga before, the team at Yoga Oasis recommends starting with the Intro 2 Yoga class. The rates vary depending on the class type and can range from $5-11 per session.

4th Avenue Yoga

The 4th Avenue Yoga studio is considered to be among the top yoga studios in Tucson, which is largely due to the qualified instructors as well as the fact that all classes cost just $5. The six different classes offered at 4th Avenue Yoga vary substantially and include such yoga styles as hatha yoga, Tai Chi, and vinyasa yoga. You’ll also be pleased to know that they offer a number of different class temperatures, allowing you to select the one that suits your needs the most. The non-heated classes are set to 75-80 degrees with the heated classes ranging from 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in hot classes is set to 90-100 degrees with the temperatures in hot 26 classes being positioned at 104-106 degrees, the latter of which will allow you to lose a high amount of calories when doing the poses. There are nearly two dozen instructors at 4th Avenue Yoga, which means that there will always be someone on hand to assist you.

Pilates in Tucson

Pilates in Tucson

Barre3 Tucson

Barre3 Tucson is a studio in Tucson that is dedicated entirely towards providing visitors with Pilates classes that also include a combination of yoga and ballet barre. The studio is spacious and offers such amenities as a changing room, a towel service to use during the class, and purified water. When you’re thinking of joining one of the classes, no experience is required and all of the necessary props for the classes are automatically provided to you before the class starts. If you arrive 15 minutes early to class, you can get a tour of the facilities and will be able to meet the instructor.

Red Monkey Studio

The Red Monkey Studio is a Pilates studio that offers both group fitness classes and private sessions. They aim to provide visitors with an atmosphere that is relaxed and has a community-based vibe to it as opposed to a standard gym atmosphere. If you are searching for the right Pilates studio in Tucson, they offer a free introduction session that will allow you to gain an understanding of what they offer before committing to spending money on their classes. The private sessions that are available to you can be completely tailored to your exercise requirements, which means that they can focus on an injury or a specific limitation that you may have. The main class that they provide is a reformer class, which focuses on strengthening and muscle development while providing you with a small class size of four people and one instructor.

CrossFit Gyms in Tucson

Crossfit in Tucson

Wildcat CrossFit

Wildcat CrossFit is a type of gym that is focused on solely providing the CrossFit exercise program. They are located in central Tucson and provide all newcomers with a free 15-minute introduction class that will help you understand what CrossFit is and the types of exercises you will be doing throughout the program. Although they primarily offer membership programs so that individuals can go through many different facets of the program, it’s also possible for you to drop into the class at a rate of $15. An unlimited membership to this gym costs around $140 per month or $120 per month for students. Couples can join the gym at a rate of $250 per month. There are no contracts at this gym, which means that you only have to join for a month at a time. Their gym is a sizable 5,000 sq. ft., which means that there’s always room for you.

CrossFit 646

CrossFit 646 is a CrossFit gym that focuses on providing you with intense CrossFit training using only the most essential of exercise equipment. They offer a variety of distinct programs for you to select from, which include CrossFit, foundations, and competitor. CrossFit is designed to be used by anyone due to the fact that the program is scalable to your fitness level. The foundations program they offer is divided into three personal training sessions that will help you learn basic movements and start improving your overall fitness levels. The competitor program is designed to train people who are looking to compete in local or national CrossFit competitions. If you have a teenager who is interested in the CrossFit program, this gym provides a CrossFit teens program that will allow your children to improve their health and fitness. You can drop in, try a free class, or purchase a monthly membership that allows you to take anywhere from five classes per month to an unlimited number of classes each month.

Dance Studios in Tucson

Dance in Tucson

Xanadu Dance Studios

Xanadu Dance Studios is a premier dance studio in Tucson that mainly focuses on belly dancing. The studio has been around for nearly 45 years and offers a range of different classes that extend from an introduction to belly dancing to a Bollywood choreography class, allowing you to select the option that most intrigues you. Among the 10 total classes, several of them are available to beginners, which allows you to learn more about dancing if you’ve never done so before. The studio is intimate and cozy, which makes it the perfect atmosphere for dancing. The majority of classes center around the Egyptian belly dance style. You can drop in for a single class at a rate of $12 or purchase multi-class cards of 4, 8, or 12. The multi-class cards have rates that extend from $40-$105.

BreakOut Studios

The BreakOut Studios in Tuscon is a fantastic dance and fitness studio that is available for anyone from the ages of 13 and over. They specialize in a variety of different dance styles that include modern, jazz, dance cardio, and tap dance. If you’re looking to sample a wide range of different dance styles, the open class will alter the dance style with each separate class, eventually including such styles as jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, and hip hop styles. Although the majority of the classes are designed first and foremost as group classes, you can request any type of class to be a private session, allowing you to receive instruction that’s personalized for your needs.

Karate in Tucson

Karate in Tucson

Akka Karate

Akka Karate is a well known martial arts school that provides students who join with access to all different types of martial arts. If you’ve never learned karate or similar types of martial arts before, you may want to consider the special trial offer that allows you or your child to take two weeks of classes and obtain a free uniform for $30. The available karate classes are broken up into four different programs for different age levels. The dragon program is available for children between the ages of 4-7 while the youth program is open to children between the ages of 7-13. Older teenagers and adults can choose to join a standard karate program or a separate fitness kickboxing program. The main goal of Akka Karate is to ensure that everyone who joins is able to improve their fitness, overall health as well as their confidence.

Kodenkan Martial Arts Academy

The Kodenkan Martial Arts Academy is a studio that focuses on both traditional and modern forms of martial arts. Along with standard karate, they offer kickboxing, jujitsu, MMA, and self defense classes for you to consider. They have classes for children, teens, and adults, ranging from adult self defense and Japanese sword training to women’s grappling and mixed martial arts classes. You can choose to train in any style that you prefer and will be able to attend classes on a monthly basis as opposed to having to sign a contract. The standard monthly plans start at $75 for children and can go as high as $150 per month for families.


Whether you enjoy hiking in the great Tucson outdoors or prefer a more private approach to staying healthy with active classes and gyms, Tucson has everything for health conscious individuals who enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the city of Tucson, or if you’re looking to learn more about this spectacular city, please feel free to reach out to our Tucson luxury real estate team. At Grogan & Grogan Luxury Tucson Real Estate, we’re more than happy to get in touch and help you find the home of your dreams!