How to Maximize Tucson Home Security and Safety

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When you’ve moved into a new home in Tucson, among the first things you should do is focus on improving both the security and safety of the home in question. Ensuring your home has an effective security system, it will give you serenity in case of an emergency. By improving both the security and safety of your home, you will minimize possibilities of potential danger,¬†which is why it’s important to invest in upgrading the security in your home.¬†

Implementing home security will give you peace of mind that you and your family members are safe and protected in the event of an attempted break-in. The same is true with the safety measures you take on your property. If a natural disaster occurs or a fire starts, you need to be prepared to react accordingly to the situation. These emergencies can start without any forewarning, which means that not planning for them can be disastrous and even deadly.

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The most effective way to be safe in the event of a fire emergency or earthquake is to create an escape plan with the help of your family members. By practicing this plan a few times each year, you’ll be prepared in the event of a sudden emergency. There are also numerous steps that you can take to keep your home safe from the effects of a fire or earthquake, which will be beneficial for your family and any elderly members who live with you. When you want to maximize the security and safety of your Tucson home, all that’s required of you is to follow some short and simple safety guidelines.

Advanced Electronic Security Systems

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An electronic security system is able to perform a variety of security operations in a home, which can include everything from surveillance and alarms to access control and intrusion control. A standard home security system will usually include a control panel, sensors for doors and windows, exterior and interior motion sensors, security cameras, a possible yard sign, and a high-decibel alarm.

There are also a range of technologically-advanced monitoring systems that you can use if you want the utmost in home security, the primary of which is referred to as Ring. This security system is a very simple doorbell solution that’s easy-to-install yet highly effective at preventing break-ins. When you install one of these systems, the unit will capture footage of the exterior of your home, prevent theft, and even prevent porch pirates who steal packages that have been delivered. When an alarm goes off, you’ll receive an immediate call from the support team at Ring, which offers an additional layer of protection.

In today’s world, using a security system in your home is highly recommended if you want to be safe and secure at all times. Installing a security system means that you’ll be able to protect your valuables and treasured belongings from theft. The presence of a security system has also been proven to deter crime since the home will be clearly marked as having a security system. If you purchase a modern security system, you’ll benefit from having the ability to remotely monitor the security system’s video feeds. From your smartphone, you’ll also have the ability to change the thermostat, lock doors, and turn lights on or off whenever you want.

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ADT Home Security Systems

ADT home security systems are considered to be very easy to use while also providing homeowners with layered protection and extensive monitoring services. No matter which security package you choose, you’ll be provided with such features as a digital panel, a wireless key-chain remote, entryway alarms, motion detection, yard signs, a backup battery, and 24/7 monitoring. The three separate security packages available to you include traditional, control, and video. The control package includes all features of the traditional package but also provides you with full control of your security system from your tablet or smartphone. The video package includes both indoor and outdoor cameras, the footage of which can be viewed on smart devices.

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Vivint Home Security

Vivint is another leader in home security installation. They offer a variety of different solutions for your home security needs, which allows you to select the option that best fits your requirements. Some of the services that they offer include energy management, high-speed internet service, and home automation. Residents of Tucson love how customizable the systems are. The smart technology that you can select when customizing your home security package includes 24/7 monitoring, doorbell cameras, smart locks, smartphone control, smart alarm sensors, and CO sensors.

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Protect America

Protect America is a home security provider that offers systems that come with easy do-it-yourself installation. Their top security systems include modern home automation technology and extensive video monitoring. They offer three separate security packages that include the copper package, silver package, and platinum package. With the copper package, you’ll be provided with a control panel, three sensors for windows and doors, a motion detector, a yard sign, and door/window stickers. The silver upgrade includes six additional sensors, while the platinum upgrade offers 14 total sensors. If you upgrade to complete home automation, you’ll also be provided with HD video service, garage door control, and smart lighting.

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SimpliSafe is a highly reputable security company that provides homeowners with full home protection, which extends to every window, door, and room. The services that they offer include everything from 24/7 alarm monitoring to open window alerts. There are seven security packages in total that you can select from, which range in price from $99-$489. The most feature-rich package is The Haven, which includes a control panel, a keypad, four entry sensors, two motion sensors, a high-decibel alarm, a panic button, and a variety of detectors for water and smoke.

Fire Protection Services

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While most home fires start because of issues like poor electrical wiring or a stove being kept on for too long, the city of Tucson is also a prime location for wildfires, which is why you should focus on taking the necessary precautions to prevent fire damage and to protect your home in the event that a fire occurs. First of all, you should regularly clean the gutters and roof of your home to get rid of debris, pine needles, and leaves that could easily catch fire. If there are any missing tiles on your roof, replace these to increase the durability of the roof. Flammable materials should also be moved from the exterior walls of your home. These materials include everything from needles and leaves to mulch and flammable plants.

Among the easiest things to do if you want to protect your home from a fire emergency is to keep a fire extinguisher in your home at all times. By reacting quickly to the first signs of a fire, you may be able to put the fire out before it spreads and you need to leave the home. Without a fire extinguisher on hand, it might be impossible to keep the fire from spreading. However, it’s important that you know how to use a fire extinguisher when such an event occurs. You should learn how to do so immediately after purchasing the extinguisher.

Along with having an escape route planned, it’s important that you don’t panic during a fire. Since smoke is the primary danger with a fire, you’ll want to drop to the floor and crawl to safety if possible. More breathable air will be closer to the ground. Once you’re out of your home, stay out. It’s far too dangerous to go back inside, which is why you should wait for firefighters to arrive.

In order to prevent a fire from occurring in the first place, consider installing fire alarms and smoke detectors, both of which are offered with some of the home security systems mentioned previously. Always remember to turn off appliances when you’re done using them, which includes the stove. Along with fire extinguishers, a fire blanket can also help you put out a small fire.

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In the event of a fire emergency that you’re unable to put out, you should contact the Tucson Fire Department immediately by calling 911. They should arrive quickly to your home and may be able to put out the fire before it does too much damage. There are a total of 22 separate fire departments situated throughout Tucson, which allows them to arrive at any destination in the city within minutes. Find out where the closest fire department is to your home before the fire occurs.

Earthquake Protection Services

While earthquakes aren’t exactly prevalent in Tucson, there’s always a chance that an earthquake could occur. If powerful enough, the earthquake could cause significant damage to your home and put your life in danger, which is why it’s important that you’re prepared for such a possibility. When improving the safety of your home in regards to an earthquake, there are some items that you’ll want to avoid purchasing. The greatest danger during an earthquake is from flying and falling objects, which is why you’ll want to keep heavy items to a minimum in your household. At the very least, heavier items should be placed on lower shelves. Large glass items and lamps can be particularly dangerous during an earthquake as well. Any bookcases in your home should be anchored to the wall.

When an earthquake occurs, you should be prepared for the possibility that you will need to leave your home after the earthquake strikes, which is why it’s recommended that you create a couple of earthquake emergency preparation kits. The first aid kit that you make should include a variety of pain medications and ointments, several different types of dressings, and other first aid supplies like safety pins, cold packs, a thermometer, scissors, and sunscreen. The home survival kit that you make should include tools and supplies like a screwdriver, hammer, shovel, a durable rope, and plastic sheeting. Some other items that should be included in this kit extend to gloves, matches, a change of clothing, a knife, tent, flashlight, portable radio, batteries, eyeglasses, cash, and ample amounts of water.

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There are certain things that you’ll want to do during an earthquake. First, make sure that you drop to the ground, take cover, and hold on to something sturdy until the earthquake stops. If you’re indoors, try to stay away from any doors or windows. If you’re outside, move away from utility wires, streetlights, and buildings.

There are also a few things that you shouldn’t do during an earthquake. For instance, you should never leave your home to go outside. The majority of injuries from an earthquake occur when people attempt to move from one place to another. You should also avoid using elevators and standing in doorways until the shaking has stopped. If you’re in a vehicle, avoid any ramps or bridges that might have been damaged from the earthquake.

Home Safety Services

There are a variety of easy and cost effective ways for you to improve the safety of your home. Along with installing a security system, it’s also important that you use secure locks on your windows and doors. Mortise locks are particularly secure and will keep your family and possessions safe. Whenever you’re out of town, make sure that you cancel any current newspaper subscriptions and request that the post office holds your mail until you return. You should also think about investing in a safe if you want to protect your valuables. Consider adding some motion lights to the exterior of your home that will turn on whenever someone walks by.

If you have elderly parents or grandparents living in your home, you can make the property safer by placing bright lights in closets and hallways, installing railings in any lengthy hallways, adding a stair-climber, purchasing raised toilet seats, and buying a shower chair. In the event of an emergency in Tucson, you’ll want to call 911. From here, you can get in touch with police, the fire department, or a hospital. If an elderly parent of yours has fallen in their home, calling 911 will allow you to request an ambulance to the address in question.


Building a safe and secure home is something that’s important for everyone’s family. By following the guidelines mentioned previously, you can substantially increase both the safety and security of your home, which should allow you to be more calm and relaxed when in the privacy of your own home. If you’re currently interested in moving to a safe and luxurious location in Tucson, AZ, contact our team of professional real estate agents. We can assist you throughout every step of the home buying process!