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With the approach of Thanksgiving, now is the perfect time to start planning which holiday events you’re going to attend with family and friends. Among the best aspects of living in and around Tucson is that the city plays host to many amazing events throughout the year! During the month of November, there are around seven events that you can attend in the city, which include everything from a 5K run to Thanksgiving dinners and buffets at various locations in Tucson. The city is a great place to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and want to run for charity, there are two runs that are set to occur on Thanksgiving, which include the Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic and the Tucson Turkey Trot 5K. Both of these races have proven to be very popular among residents of Tucson. Running in one of these events is also a great way to work up your appetite during the day before you eat Thanksgiving dinner in the evening. If you are interested in running in one of these races, the following offers up a close and detailed look at the two Tucson Thanksgiving runs that you can attend for the holiday.

Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic – 5K & 1.5 Mile Fun Run/Walk

Posted by The Running Shop on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic is a highly popular race that’s set to take place on November 28 from 8:AM-11AM. If you want to attend this race, it’s being held at the Gene C. Reid Park, which can be found at 900 S. Randolph Way in Tucson. The many companies that are sponsoring this event include Sonic, The Running Shop, Brooks, and Bruegger’s Bagels. Among the best aspects of this event is that there are several different races that you can take part in, all of which are being held on a European-style course where you’ll be tasked with running on dirt and grass while you dodge hay bales and jump over water.

Since the course runs around the entirety of Reid Park, anyone in your family who isn’t participating will be able to spectate from a close distance. If you want to run at the Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic, the races that are available to you include the 5K race and the 1.5-mile fun run. Keep in mind that the 5K race is considered to be part of the SAR Grand Prix that’s held by The Running Shop. The race will start at Ramada 10 in Reid Park. While the one-mile fun run is a coed race, the 5K run is separated into different races for men and women.

Register Online

When you want to run in one of these races, you will need to register online to do so, which can be done here. You could also sign up in person or print a registration form to fill out and mail in. If you decide to sign up for the event in person or by mailing in the registration form, these forms should go to The Running Shop, which can be found at 3055 N. Campbell in Tucson. The price that you pay for your ticket all depends on when you register and whether or not you’re a SAR member. SAR members will have a $2 dollar discount per ticket for the 5K race. For everyone else, early registration before November 22 will cost you $23. If you sign up between November 22 and November 26, you will be required to pay $25. Race-day registration costs $30 for everyone, which includes SAR members.

As for the one-mile fun run, early registration by November 22 costs $13. If you register after November 22 but before November 26, you’ll be required to pay $15 for registration. If you don’t register until the day of the race, registration will cost you $20. Before you go on your run, make sure that you pick up a cotton t-shirt. These shirts are available to every participant in the race and can be selected in a variety of different sizes.

Race Awards

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There are a range of fantastic prizes available to people who participate in these runs, which extend from whole turkeys to pumpkin pies. The main prizes are available with the 5K run. The male and female winners of the 5K race will be provided with a premium pair of Brooks running shoes directly from The Running Shop. The runners are separated into different age groups for the race, of which there are more than a dozen. For instance, one age group is 10 and under with another being 80 and over. The top finisher for each age group will receive a whole turkey. The runner-up in each age group will receive a pie.

If you forego participating in the 5K race but take part in the one-mile fun run instead, every finisher of the race is provided with a finisher’s ribbon. You’ll also have a chance to win cash rewards if you can break the course record. A total of $50 is added every year to the prize total if the record hasn’t been broken. For 2019, the prize total is set to $500 for men and $400 for women. If you believe that you have the ability to break the course record, it’s currently 17:08.2 for the women’s course and 14:54.1 for the men’s course.

Team Division

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Before you take part in the Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic, keep in mind that there are optional team divisions that you could consider entering. If you’re running the 5K race and have numerous friends who are set to do so as well, teams of up to seven men and women can enter. Each team present in the race will be in a competition against the others. The first four times of each separate team will be totaled together in order to identify the best team times. The top two teams for both men and women will receive awards that are similar to the ones mentioned previously. If you want to be a part of a team, it’s essential that you register before November 26.


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If you’re attending the Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic, the main beneficiaries of this race are Toys for Tots and Team Hoyt Arizona. The best donation that you can give when attending this race is a new and unwrapped toy, which will be provided to children whose parents are unable to afford presents and gifts for the holidays. The toy that you bring can be handed off at the entrance to Reid Park.

Tucson Turkey Trot 5K

Posted by All Community Events on Monday, September 9, 2019

The Tucson Turkey Trot 5K is a part of the largest Thanksgiving running festival in the world. This event is scheduled to take place at Curtis Park, which is located at 2110 W. Curtis Rd. in Tucson. If you want to take part in the 5K run, it’s scheduled to occur on November 28 from 8:AM-10AM, which ensures that you’re able to get back to your home and start planning Thanksgiving dinner with time to spare.

The route for this race is set to extend around Curtis Park, which makes for a relatively scenic run. At the finish line, you’ll be provided with a delicious donut, which is the perfect way to start out your Thanksgiving Day. When you want to register for this race, you will need to do so at this link. From here, you can sign up for the race in a variety of different ways. Along with the standard sign-up option, you could also register for the 5K walk that isn’t timed, a separate kids division fun run for children below 11, a kids dash for children eight and under, and an extended online registration if you forget to register early. This online registration is set to open up on November 18.

If you can’t attend the race but would like to participate in it on your own time, you could also register to run virtually. When you sign up for this option, you will be sent event gear through the mail. Once you obtain the gear, you can select your own route through a nearby park or neighborhood that you would rather complete the run in. When you want to register for this race, you can spend anywhere from $10-$40. The main sponsors of this event include Iowa Runs and the American Heart Association.

Largest Turkey Team Competition

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As touched upon previously, this race is a part of the American Turkey Tradition Running Festival, which is the largest of its kind in the world. More than 60,000 runners participate in this race every year across 27 separate locations. You can join one of these events in the hopes of winning the grand prize. All you need to do to participate is to register for the event that’s taking place in Tucson. If you’re visiting family members in another state, you could also run in this race at one of the other destinations like New York City or Cedar Rapids.

You can enter in the race and find out more about this competition at this link. The main competition for this race is centered around growing a team of racers. If you grow your team to at least 10 participants, you’ll receive a free cooler. If your team receives a vote in your city for either “best team name” or “largest team”, you will qualify for the national competition. Once you’ve qualified for the national competition, the team with the “best team name” and the “largest team” will win the grand prize, which is $2,500 for a charity of your choosing. If your team wins both contests, you’ll win $5,000 for a charity.


If you are thinking about attending the Tucson Turkey Trot 5K and want to donate something while you’re there, all donations are designed to go towards The Veterans of Foreign Wars Association. The donation you make can be in the form of some food. This donation can be handed in at the entrance to Curtis Park.

Celebrate Thanksgiving by Participating in Thanksgiving Runs

Participating in Thanksgiving runs can be highly beneficial and entertaining for you and your family. It’s a great way to work for your meal while also donating to a good cause. If you’ve been searching for a Thanksgiving activity that your entire family will like, these two Tucson Thanksgiving runs provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the holidays with your family. There are also many other exciting events in Tucson that provide visitors and residents alike with plenty of things to do while in the city.

Along with the two Thanksgiving runs that are available to you, it’s also possible for you to attend such events as the Thanksgiving Day buffet at Hacienda Del Sol and A Feast for the Beast Workshop that’s situated at Reid Park Zoo, the latter of which is the perfect event for younger children between the ages of 2-5. These events allow you to enjoy all that Tucson has to offer during the fun Thanksgiving holiday.

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