Solar Incentives For Arizona Residents

Governmental agencies at all levels recognize the importance of solar energy, and the push toward sustainable energy locally and federally has never been stronger. Current incentives cover a significant portion of the cost of a commercial or residential solar photovoltaic (P.V.) system. Solar Gain works with all our customers to guarantee they receive all tax credits for which they are eligible. The climate is right for solar energy integration, for your home and business.

Residential Tax Incentives:

• 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit
• 25% Arizona State Tax Credit, up to $1,000 per residence
• Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption, exempts from property tax any increased value due to the installation of energy equipment


Talk to our friends at Solar Gain Inc. (520)822-8337 for a FREE evaluation and learn more about how you could start saving money on your energy bills.

If you or any of your friends/family are thinking about buying or selling please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. In todays fast-paced market it is essential to have an expert working on your behalf. At Grogan&Grogan we are all about results, let us help you achieve your real estate dreams.

Susanne Grogan – – (520)241-8099

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